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Taking the Choas out of Sigil Creation

Creating sigils is the act of magickal manifestation in the most useful form and puts something tangible in the ritual to focus energy and power. It is a part of chaos magick, but it is the farthest thing from chaos when used and created correctly. The sigil streamlines the act of manifestation. Every bit of ritual magick benefits when a tangible item is apart of the casting and spell work expression. Sigil magick is the most powerful because it is an actual symbol created just for the ritual itself and unique to the witch. The connection a witch has to the sigil is essential since the creation includes physical effort. The mental and magick links will be vital in all aspects of the process of manifesting.

The most crucial aspect of making a sigil is to make sure you’re confident with the sigil statement and always in a positive sense. There can be no hope, only secure truths in the view, and must be complete affirmatives. Make sure the wording is precise as every word has a purpose and a message within the sigil. Write out the sigil multiple times and look for any insecurities or unsureness to make sure the statement is as powerful as possible. Anything you can do to make sure the message is positive helps the sigil work the magick positively and meet the intention.

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The actual sigil is a creative character representation of the written words formed by the desired wish that the witch hopes to come true. The goals can be lofty, and it is good to make a sigil for significant purposes that seem out of possibility but could come true with sigil magick. The sigil is created for intention setting and inspiration but can also be an individual glyph you connect with that becomes a personal symbol. Since you made it, it is unique to your magick and can stay on the altar or being in the book of shadows all of the time. There is no moment where the sigil is not needed anymore, and if that does come up, the best way to retire the sigil is through fire to get the spell out into the universe.

The sigil should be charged daily and can be changed through meditation or orgasm. The sigil will not have issues if it is not charged every day but will take more time to manifest.

These powerful sigil symbols should be prominent and posted in a personal area such as:

prayer shrine

meditation garden

spellcasting circle

invocation space

The wish statement first needs to be documented on a piece of paper to start the powerful intention setting. Once written out in a confident and almost foregone conclusion, the sigil is ready to be created. An example could be “I will lose ten pounds by month-end.” Write the words out with no space, then remove any letter that appears twice in the sentence.

In the previous example, we remove the following characters:

all vowels

all double letters

all repeating letters

test alt text

The resulting word is IWLOSETUNDBYMTH, whose letters are then put into a pattern to form a symbol representing the power to lose those 10 pounds by the end of the month.

A trick to give this sigil symbol character more influence is by placing a robo-sigil next to it or with the manifestation ritual. A robo-sigil works like a guide by using an action that you do every day without fail, like drinking coffee. The robo-sigil starts the same way the standard sigil is created with the prior exercise to make the symbol from the sentence: “I will drink coffee today.” The power of the daily completed task will give your sigil symbol the power you need to accomplish it since the other sigils feel empowered because the robo-sigil came to fruition.

Sigil creation is one of the magick forms that all witches should consistently work on, and it fits with all rituals or forms of magick. The design of your magickal symbol is so empowering and activates the magick’s creative side. The personal experience of creating a sigil lets the witch discover their power and can be used throughout a lifetime to create intentions and manifestations. It becomes a unique symbol that the witch can integrate into her life by creating notes of the sigil at work or on the go. The sigil can even be a lifelong connection, and a witch could feel very close to their sigils after seeing the results.