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Tarot Vs Oracle Cards: Which is the Better Divination Tool

Tarot and oracle cards are very similar divination tools but have significant differences in their answers and the details the cards can give. They both can be beneficial magical tools for transition times, reassuring future goals, and plans. Tarot cards are known for divination, while Oracle cards are for wisdom readings. I have experienced my best connection to spirits when using Oracle cards and answers to my future question using Tarot. Still, it all depends on the witch and readers’ intentions and the response from reading the cards.

Another way to use tarot and oracle cards is to create readings at times correlating with the moon phases and the specific astrological sign the moon is under at the time. Start by timing the readings on new and full moons, begin with, and then move on to card spreads when the moon changes astrological signs every two days. The questions should be correlating with the moon phase with a full moon spread, focusing on what will be implemented in your life and new moon spreads on what is being released.

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A tarot or oracle spread based on the moon’s astrological sign can be done with a series of questions or just one. Those questions must still focus on the attributes and qualities of the current moon’s particular zodiac sign. During an Aries moon, one could ask questions that need aggressive, immediate, and truthful answers, while during a Pisces moon, the problems that need answers could be more about what needs to be released or what needs to renew. Tarot and oracle card decks can both benefit in reading during the phases of the moon, but many prefer tarot cards to go along with the more in-depth insight the moon can give depending on the current astrological sign and message.

Tarot cards are useful for larger spreads and more in-depth insight where you get a more specific answer to the tarot cards’ question. One card pulled in the Tarot could be giving you a clear message that requires deep understanding to get the full meaning but, once understood, can be eerily predictive. On the other hand, oracle cards are used for a broader scope of insight and convey messages quickly without much research to understand what wisdom is revealing. Oracle cards are great for asking a simple question or learning where life’s direction may be going on a broader scale. Oracle decks can be pulled very fast and can have many different card themes, whereas tarot decks encompass the same cards no matter what set you have in your possession.

These divination tools are handy, but they need to be handled when the reader is in the right space of mind. It’s essential to burn sage and light candles to re-center any chaotic or negative energy. A witch who consults the tarot or oracle cards in a chaotic state will most likely get a negative answer for the fact that the cards pick up on the chaotic energy and will give harsh advice in turn. Please do not be confused, though, as the cards are a close friend that will tell you how it is, so don’t be surprised when the cards do not show you the answer you’re looking for but the one that you need to hear.

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I prefer doing a quick three-card oracle card reading with my astrological oracle deck. I form three piles that consist of the different categories of cards in the astrological oracle deck, which are the 12 astrological signs, the four elements, and the twelve planets. The method is to have the client or myself pull a card from each stack that gives me insight into the question based on what zodiac sign, element, and planet arise and what the message means altogether. Oracle questions are things like where my life is going, what my next year looks like, and so on. For example, when the subject’s question is which direction their life is going, and they pull an Aries as the zodiac card, it conveys “I am” energy meaning the action will be taking place in the questioners’ life. Water pulled as the element card can represent washing away the struggles and a healing or new energy rebirth. Lastly, in this example, Uranus is drawn as the planet card, which means the desire for freedom and individuality. Altogether, the cards represent that the person will put themselves. First, they will wash away any struggles, and they will find the independence they are searching for in their future days.

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A tarot card spread is a lot more specific and can be questions like “how I will get out of this current toxic relationship,” when will I get that promotion I have been working hard for, and problems that have to deal with more specific issues. Tarot card spreads can be multiple cards and even more intricate for the high-level practitioner. With insight into the larger card spreads being a lot more specific to the question and the readers’ lives than oracle cards. A three-card tarot spread to the same question asked above about “where my life” could be going would be a bit more detailed than the oracle. For example, the first card is the six of cups, which in this spread means the life direction is going back to a more familiar place, maybe a hometown or reconnecting with friends of the past, but something will be coming up from happier times in childhood. The second card will be The Sun, and this is another positive card that will give insight to the person whose spread it is that they will be having times of success and abundance in the future. The Sun will be shining on their life, and they can expect beautiful days ahead. The last card in the spread could be the eight of swords, which since this spread was all based on upright cards (Reversed cards are a whole other set of meanings), the eight of swords in this spread could mean an acceptance of a new outlook on self-personality. The eight of swords can be a devastating card either way, but it represents taking off the blindfold in life and seeing clearly who you are, and accepting that person entirely. This spread is much more detailed than the oracle cards and gives the person who is getting the reading a much deeper insight into their future days.

Tarot cards and oracle cards are so useful that even those who are not entirely into a magical craft have at least heard of their usefulness and could use them as a Divination tool. They both are valuable and possible to help guide the future and give insight into life situations. The best tool for a new divination practitioner would be to start with oracle cards and then work the way up to tarot cards after practicing the smaller and more ambiguous answers the oracle cards can give.