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The Angels are Always with Us

Angel magick is the divine form of magick that connects a witch to her angel guides and guardians to find hope, faith, and peace. Angel magick is one of the purest forms of light magick work any beings can do to channel these innocent spirits. It is rooted in the light, and there is very little darkness within Angel magick. Even a fallen angel like Lucifer has a beautiful story to tell about humanity and seeing the beauty even in humanity’s flaws. No angel is ashamed with any task, and no angel wishes to harm any other being. All angels have in common their need to help humans as the pure creations we are as witches.

Angel magick, which is related to Enochian magick, is a magick form primarily about channeling spirits into helping a witch guiding rituals and ceremonies. These spirits happen to be Angels in this particular magick structure but can be many other higher beings depending on what magick you practice. A witch can ask many different questions and advice when consulting these beings, and Angels are reached through oracle cards, ancestor magick, and possession, to name a few methods. Everyone has guardians, and it is good to thank these beings often for all the protection they provide, even if not continually through Angel worship.

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The Spirits or Angels in Angel magick practice have a hierarchy within the beings, and certain Angels are rulers over different aspects of magick. Most people know there is a difference between an Angel, a Spirit, or an Archangel. Angel magick is focused through the solar plexus chakra (the Chakra above the navel) and is the primary focus during light work and imagery image education. The light work can help us attach through the power angels give us in our beings or also be able to cleanse and detach from a specific core. The light that comes from Angel’s power is intense and is mainly focused and positive, so it is best to keep clear intentions when doing any Angel Magick.

The Angels do not belong to anybody and will not come unless properly respected and called upon in magick. Angels will not come into your life if you still have much positivity to learn as they are only interested in helping out beings who want to help themselves. Angels do not discriminate on race, religion, culture, or any other factor. An Angel can visit anyone who believes in these higher beings without being devoutly religious. Angels create very various bridges between devout religions and magickal beings like witches. Christians can both believe in Angels and work with Angel magick them even though the belief systems can be very conflicted, and issues have gone centuries between them. Angels do not belong to any particular religious system. Angels’ names and stories predate any Christianity, and Angels are other words for Spirits, and every belief system has its representation for Angels in their culture.

There are many different Angels in all the tier types, and the details can be overwhelming and take years of study. One of the central Angel guides is the Guardian Angels, and these are the angels that protect each individual in their path in life throughout their whole Journi. Every person has a guardian or a few guardian angels watching their back at all times and even more when facing adversary or trauma. These Angels can be remnants of passed loved ones, higher sentient beings, past life support systems, and anybody that wants to look out for you and that you wish to call upon through worship.

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Angels are light beings and will never harm any being with their power, even as a lesson. Witches can integrate Angel magick into all witchcraft practices since it is a higher form of protection magick. The guidance and protection with spirits are part of many different worshipping systems like Shamanism that believe in Angel Magick’s state by channeling specific deities and forms. Whatever it’s called Angels or Guardian Magic, the beings are there to protect all witches and magickal worshippers. The Angels and Spirits are not at our beck-and-call, and they might not always do exactly what the witches ask. Instead, they will always do what the witch needs. These can be things that you do not know you need, but they know your path and trust what they have to say and what they do to help you grow.

The way to find out what guardian Angel is protecting is by writing a letter to your Guardian Angel asking for the information you wish to learn about them as a being. Angels enjoy art and music so try singing or painting a picture for your Angel and note what comes into your head during the meditation as these may be messages. Saying a prayer to your angel can also help them know that you’re acknowledging their existence and be more likely to show you signs of who they are and their purpose in your life. Start talking to your guardian angel as well, as this is an excellent way to connect to them and know they are there, thereby giving them confirmation and thanks. You can also pull oracle cards and ask who your guardian angel is or what they need to show you. Remember, guardian angels can change and evolve into many different forms throughout life, and the Angels can come and go through phases of life.

The Angels of the watchtowers are similar to the Guardians of the Watchtower in Witchcraft and Wicca. Angel magickians have many names for the different levels of the Angels. Still, the most straightforward practice is to call upon the Angels that rule over each direction and live at the end of the Earth, guiding the borders on watchtowers. Angel Magick or Enochian worship is an old belief system. It has a doctrine similar to the Wiccan belief of casting a circle and other spiritual calling rituals when beginning a ceremony. The prominent Angels are the ordinary Angels spread throughout the Bible. The Angel of the North / Earth is Michael, Angel of the East/air is Uriel, Angel of the south/fire is Rafael, and Angel of the West/water is Gabriel. The highest protection is to call upon these Archangels by name and with the name of the direction they govern.

I pulled a three-card set to show an example of reading and give the readers of Pure Journi insight into angels’ universal path. I am asking the Angels for guidance and knowledge on what the future presently holds for this world.

  • The first card that I got was Trustworthy Friends, and it says, “Thank you, Angels, for surrounding me with people I can trust and love.” This card is vital in this transition time as many people have been away from their friends, and they will be excited to be around those they trust, but it is also a warning to make sure you focus on those you can trust.
  • The second was Count Your Blessings “Thank you Universe and Angels for the blessings in my life.” The stress within the last year has created an awakening where all people can focus on their appreciation for friends, families, and normalcy. The positive nature of appreciation for the blessings in life is hopefully an aspect that stays long after the quarantine has ended.
  • The last was Signs from Heaven, and the phrase says, “Thank you, Heaven, for sending me reminders of your presence.” The card here was monumental since the idea to write about the Angels just came out of nowhere. I felt it was a reminder from my guides to show appreciation for this form of magick, and hopefully, this will help someone get in touch with their guides during this challenging time.
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Angel magick is close to my heart as it is the form of magick my mother practices and makes me think of her when I think of Angels and protection. I am fortunate to have my mother as my on earth guardians teaching me about the guardians above us and with us called Angels. Angel magick is also an emotional experience once a witch realizes how many spirits and guides protect and watch over us and how a witch can channel these guides and guardians.