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Put the Magick into Your Grimoire

It is called a grimoire, a book of shadows, a witch’s Journal. The witches written book has many names and encompasses this valuable piece of magickal The witches book of shadows is an essential and most witches most valuable possession. When used correctly, some witches are open to sharing their Book of Shadows during coven ceremonies or a shared ritual. Some witches keep their grimoire very private and for a particular purpose, where are some witches have specific grimoires or Book of Shadows open to all. All witches then use their journals to document results and spell works and have one or a ton. Some are okay with having just one.

The Book of Shadows is a very personal item in a witch’s possession, so it’s hard to say what should be in one. There are a few basic ideas, but there are very few limitations on what could be in one, and a witch could and will have vast amounts of grimoires in their life. I am a writer, and I love having numerous journals, so I have three main grimoires in rotation currently, one for my spells and magick growth, one for my current moon cycles and Tarot spreads, and then one for documenting my journey.

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Rune drawings are a vital and good beginner tool to use in a book of shadows visually. They are easy to draw, and practice creating divination, and magickal symbols are always beneficial. Start the drawing with easy characters like rune patterns. Runes are great to start out drawing since they can be compelling even if mismarked as long as the symbol is similar and the intention is there. People have been drawing runes for centuries, so practice a few times in the book or on a separate paper if you are a witch that wants their book of shadows to be pretty or pristine. Runes also add to the individual book’s protection and can be a quick spell to make sure others stay out of the particular grimoire’s energy and magick.

Another great item to add to the grimoire is all the magickal recipes you have wanted to try written out and ready to incorporate into the ritual. Use the grimoire for experimentation and documentation or just as a way to keep track of future witchy plans. Notes on the recipes could help explore what properties you feel the finished project may have and how well it went to complete helping with future magickal work or shared rituals.

An altar diagram is excellent to have in the grimoire as it keeps the standard altar set up in mind and allows for changing out an altar correctly or buying items for a themed altar. A diagram also ensures all of the items needed are covered to set up the perfect witch altar to correspond with magick’s directions and elements. The altar does not have to be exact, but this also allows the altar to be set up quickly on the go or at another location for serious spell work. Play around with an altar diagram by making themed altars or ones devoted to a certain deity.

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The witches grimoire can focus on one select area of magick or multiples areas that you want to study as a witch. The witchcraft’s vastness can cause the witch to have many grimoires if they’re going to get intricate with their practice. One grimoire might be for shadow work and another for nature magick and documenting herbs. Do not limit yourself to just having one grimoire or only putting select items into one grimoire. The fun of magick is that everything happens for the exact right reasons, so do not be upset if you have to write one spell in a grimoire for another part of the craft as you may, later on, find it is related or was needed to be right where it ended up.

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For my first grimoire, it is the one that encompasses all of myself and the one I call my Book of Shadows. I have had this book ever since I was a young witch. It was my prized possession growing up, and it has a little bit of everything in it, and that’s why I love it so much. It was bought for me by one of my first boyfriends, still a friend, and I cherish the book beyond all measurement. I feel like it was my first official witchy item. The book of shadows is the one I would be very quick to snatch out of someone’s hands if they picked up. It’s a very personal journal for me, and I cringe at anybody reading my spellwork or analyzing my developing powers. Only people I extremely trust would be able to look through this journal, and I would probably be close by for any regulation. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to share a book of shadows as it is a highly personal item, and people like me, who have been doing witchcraft for years, have a lot of history in just one book. It almost becomes a part of yourself as it documents years of learning this beautiful craft.

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The second grimoire I have is my spellbook which I consider my ritual and journaling book, which is what I keep next to me during spellwork. I fill out the tarot spreads at the moon cycles and the ritual documentation of completed spell work for reflection late on. If I take any workshops or classes, I put this learned information in my journal for witchy stuff. I like having this because it documents my journey on a much more intricate scale where I can go back and look at the different phases and what the cards or divination tools were telling me for that particular point in my life. I can also look at the things I’ve learned to make sure I’m doing them correctly during ritual work. These are the grimoires I cycle through the most since my primary practice revolves around this journal, and they are more of my practical magick and can even encompass practice spells.

.The third book I have is many of my successes and work on spells and those rituals’ documentation. The grimoire is where I document many of my writing ideas, but I also use it as a tool for group work and sharing my craft. I love to share with other witches, and this is a book I would quickly hand over as it has my best spells and broken down knowledge. The grimoire is used in most covens to document all the different spells and rituals the coven participates in and can guide future coven members. This grimoire is one I hope to always share with my fellow witches and hope to leave to my daughter or coven one day as all knowledge needs to be shared and passed down t future witchy generations.

A witch journal is excellent to practice spell casting with symbols, and documenting these symbols can help with writing spells in a more official grimoire. Do not judge yourself if your first or even fifth grimoire is not the most beautiful spellbook you have ever seen, as building a story grimoire can take years of practice and experimentation of what works and what does not. Feel free to create journals with many different witchy intentions as these journals are crucial for learning and growing as a witch. Have fun with designing and crafting the book to fit the needs, and for whatever reason, the magick entrances you to create. Each grimoire has a purpose, and even if one is enough, then enjoy the simplicity. Try to write often in the book, but sometimes you need to document when magickal inspiration hits.

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