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The Ganja Witch Connects to Earth Magick in a Whole New Way

The ganja witch is a witch with an affiliation or a desire to incorporate the Marijuana plant into their magickal rituals. Marijuana, Cannabis, Ganja, Weed, or whatever you want to call it, is one of the best but most controversial plants to incorporate into rituals as it will invoke a trance. Substances can be altering, but marijuana is one of those substances that can be beneficial to a witch who knows how to incorporate the plant. I am not advocating to begin use but a way for witches who already use ganja to integrate this practice into their magickal routine. Ganja is a natural plant that can be grown in many different environments and can then be used in various forms as tinctures, edibles, and flower to smoke, along with many other different types of methods. Many witches feel a natural draw to marijuana, so many witches choose to smoke the herb and use it in magick is a natural evolution.

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Cannabis is best used in magickal practice to go into a trance before ritual and spellwork. I recommend only using small amounts of marijuana so that the brain does not fully get overtaken and natural power can flow. It is best to start with small doses, especially if you are new to smoking marijuana or using any form of the substance. Using marijuana for trance states is best to use when setting up the ritual and writing when you start the process. If it’s edible, this needs to be done at least 30 minutes before the ceremony. Marijuana can be hallucinogenic, so make sure to use as much as you are comfortable with and never any more like most substances can be too much of a good thing.

Marijuana is similar to other herbs most witches use as it needs to be dried and stored in very identical processes. Cannabis is another term for Marijuana, and witches have proved the benefits to include in ritual practice. Just like any other magical herb, marijuana has magickal properties. These properties are most associated with the effects it physically increases, like relaxation and stress relief, healing, and other earth connection properties.

Marijuana should only be used by those over 18 as it is a mind-altering substance and can stunt the developing brain. The legalization of Marijuana in many states has made the prevalence of marijuana much more common and accessible. We must talk to our children about all substances and their effects. There are now marijuana drinks that children could easily digest, so it is best to keep those drinks and edibles away from young beings.

Ganja relaxes the mind and allows it to wander into places it would typically not go in a sober state. The reason is allowed to expand and think of new and creative ideas and even though ganja is not for everyone. Ganja is one of the least harmful substances out there, and with the recent legalization of many states, it becomes even less harmless by having edible and tincture versions to those that cannot and should not smoke. Smoking is terrible, so there are options, including vaping and other forms of inhalation, that are less harmful than smoking.

Marijuana also can be put into many types of food and has healing properties through the isolate CBD, which takes out the THC, and used on children and adults with disabilities that have helped them live normal lives. Marijuana has been used for centuries to assist with healing. It is just until recent times when it has become legalized and taboo. Marijuana is not for everybody. Some people have adverse effects on it, including vomiting and allergy effects, so always start with small doses. It is a lot less harmful than alcohol, and marijuana is one of the best alternatives to any mind-altering substance. Being a ganja witch has been a deep calling, and it has helped many people in my life heal and grow. The uses for marijuana in magickal practice and life are numerous for a witch, but here are a few examples of the healing I have witnessed.

Mind, Body, and Soul

Cannabis provides us, witches, and magickal purposes and much other life support like fiber, food sources, fuel, fun, and medicine. For thousands of years, people have been using cannabis medically, recreationally, and spiritually. Marijuana has been used to honor the divine Goddess in God, communicate with the dead, increase psychic abilities, facilitate dream magic, and more.

Sex and Love Magick

Marijuana also has a very loving vibe when under the influence and has practical use for sex and love magick by creating a sexual vibration throughout the body, mind, and spirit. Marijuana is an aphrodisiac and can be a love spell in itself by immediately getting the witches love and sexual vibes at heightened levels. Ganja wants to get to everyone smoking and in the mood for a good time which also can attract a love interest into your life.

Dream Magick

Cannabis increases lucid dreaming and also invokes a profound sleep similar to the deep trance state. Marijuana is beneficial for dream magic because its benefits are problem-solving and gaining new perspectives. The best way to practice this is by smoking a bowl before you go to sleep right down your piece problem on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow when you wake up, try to recount your dreams in a journal and think about your situation and see if you’ve gained new insights. Marijuana also helps facilitate mediumship and meeting past or guardians in the dream world.

Psychic Abilities

Marijuana is potent for increasing psychic abilities, and many seers believe consuming marijuana before performing rituals or channeling helps to open up the third eye. Even witches that do not usually have medium powers may feel their psychic abilities highest when using Ganja. Nature magick witches believe that communicating with a cannabis plant can also enhance ESP. There is also a marijuana talisman that increases the connection with source and spirits when included in psychic activities.

Marijuana, such a magical plant, has been used for centuries to connect to a higher self. There are so many methods to use marihuana in ritual and magical practice that, interestingly, more people do not talk about the power of cannabis. There are so many benefits with cannabis, including health, spiritual and recreational, that it is a miracle plant. Becoming a ganja witch is a path of integrating weed into magical rituals and breaking the taboo of what we can do. There are many worse substances besides Cannabis, and the fact it is still illegal in many places is a travesty. Witches need to lead the crusade on getting back to honoring Ganja as the miracle plant she is and thank the deities for giving us such a healing plant.