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7 Benefits of Rose Quartz – The Love Stone

Benefits of Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is considered the love stone. It is the stone of the Goddess Aphrodite. The color is soft, and flowing, and denotes a feeling of love and warmth. It is a stone that’s connected to the heart and soul, as well as amplifies your sense of love. It opens to new and healthy love in your life and for those around you.


Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra. Placing a Rose Quartz stone over the heart chakra brings calm, a feeling of warmth, and emotional healing. Rose Quartz is one of the most potent energy stones to use if you are trying to start a new relationship or bring healing to yourself when a relationship is ending.

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Negative Energy

If you are worried about negative energy around you, carrying a piece of rose quartz in your pocket, purse, bra, or another place will stop those harmful vibrations from coming to you and only allow that energy that brings you peace and tranquility. Rose quartz will bring you a sense of calm, positive feelings, and the energy of love. Don’t be surprised if you start to receive more pleasant people coming into your life or a new love interest aligned with your energy.

The Magick of Rose Quartz in a Relationship

This stone is excellent to keep around your home if you are having issues in your relationship. Having a rose quartz sphere in your home will radiate love and calming energy in all directions. Spheres are the best type of crystals to have in your home. The size of the sphere does not matter.

The sphere will dissolve anger and confrontations and start a healing pattern with your spouse or significant other. It opens channels of communication that were once blocked. Rose Quartz heals trauma when there is a will to fix a relationship. It can also provide you inner peace and clarity if it is

time to break from a relationship that is abusive or harmful to you.

Do You Have Anger Problems and Want to Solve Them?

Those looking for a solution to calming their mind, body, and soul need to look no further than adding a piece of rose quartz or a sphere within their environment. It is also recommended to carry a piece of rose quartz with them or a small little sphere. Rose quartz will work on absorbing your negative thoughts, removing barriers that cause you anger, and allowing you to think clearly about your actions.

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Adding Rose Quartz to the Bedroom

Ready for Some Fireworks in the Bedroom?

Then get ready to get your eagle on! I have no idea what that means, but I heard someone say it on Netflix when they were getting down in the bedroom. I believe it means getting ready for hours of intimacy. If that is what you crave, then you need a rose quartz sphere in your bedroom.

Rose quartz is considered an aphrodisiac and a boost for pleasure in the bedroom.

Child-Parent Bonding

If you are pregnant or have had your first child, having rose quartz in your home will create an incredible bond between you and your child. It will also make it easier for the parent when the child is ready to leave the nest.

Mid-Life Crisis?

A mid-life crisis is mental. It is not physical. When you have a mid-life crisis, you are trying to regain what you think you lost. What rose quartz will do is provide you the clarity to show you that you have gained more than you ever know. It will show you that age is just a number and not who you truly are. Live to be you, and do not live to be who you think you were or should be. Rose quartz will bring you that clarity and calmness you need to see your true self and your true worth in this world.

A mid-life crisis can harm a relationship and cause issues. Yet it does not need to wreck everything you fought for and work towards in your life. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel young, attractive, and worthy. Yet there are times when some of those emotions lead to actions that can cause harm in your relationship and life. Rose Quartz can help bring clarity to someone who may be a bit lost in their life and relationship.


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