Dark Goddesses

The Morrigan – Meet the War Goddess

Have you ever heard of The Morrigan? I am sure you have heard about the Goddess Brigid, who was later turned into Saint Brigid by her Christian followers. But for some reason, Goddess Morrigan was left behind and most likely would have been forgotten if it was not for those who put a word to paper and saved her Celtic history.

Although she is not highly written about in Celtic or Pagan lore, we did find a lot about her. What we found was very interesting and sometimes unexpected.

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They say you need to be ready for the Dark Morrigan. I did not really understand what that meant until I started to do my own research about who she was, what she stood for, and actually performed some shadow work with her independently.

Morrigan is a dark goddess. She is the bringer of conquests, pain, protection, and new beginnings. The protector of the earth. A guardian of her territory and her people.

Some believe The Morrigan is a trio of sisters called Badb, Macha, and Nemain. Some believe these were all the same names for the same goddess called Morrigan, but I do not believe this be true, based on the historical aspects of each Goddess and what they stood for. I believe them to be separate and unique in their own ways.

The Morrigan incites warriors to battle, foretells of doom, death, and victory in battle. She knows both the light and the darkness. She is death and rebirth. She is youthful and beautiful, the crow or blackbird, and the old crone with a warning. Sounds confusing, right? What does all this mean?

It means quite a lot. Morgan was often tied to battles, and for those she fought with triumphed and for those that she fought against, normally would lose. Yet in those wins, there were lessons that she would teach, and those who failed to learn those lessons would result in death, loss of fortune, or power.

At times she would show up as an old crone and provide warnings to those going into battle. Military leaders and soldiers coming upon her while walking near a river or stream would be best to keep walking. In this form, she could be found washing the bloodstained clothing of those destined to die. It would be quite shocking to see your clothing being washed as you marched past her.

Those lucky enough to stop and talk with her could get a tip or two on how to survive and change their fate. While others that mocked her prophesies were often found dead on the battlefield in the very way she prophesied their deaths.

Other times she would show up as a crow or blackbird and bring death and destruction from the sky to her enemies without warning.

Then there were times where she would show up as a beautiful and youthful woman and use love and lust to those who interacted with her.

The Morrigan in Modern Times

There are many followers and priestesses of Morrigan. And anyone you talk to that has met the Goddess Morrigan can tell you she is not the hugs and kisses kind of goddess. She is tough on you like a Mom who is trying to teach you a lesson. She will ignore you when there is little to talk about, and she will punish you if you fail to heed her warnings or guidance.

The Goddess Morrigan is not someone you casually meditate with or visit and then move on. Most people I talk to who met the Morrigan found her when they were at the lowest point in their lives. It was then that the Morrigan showed herself to them.

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When Morrigan comes, there are always signs, and you need to know what those signs are. Mainly she will come in the form of a blackbird or crow. An increase of these birds is often a sign she is trying to get your attention. Dark feathers may show up in places where they normally do not.

If you choose to engage her, keep in mind, she is a dark goddess. She won’t grant you any wishes or bring you money etc. Her role will be to build your confidence, show you where you are failing, give you the tools to be reborn. If it is money you seek, love, etc. She will help you become that person who can attract those things into their lives, but you will need to work on yourself with her help to reach those things you desire.

She is the goddess that helps you move away from a destructive relationship. Get past undying grief, and fill your heart where there was once empty space.

She never gives you something for nothing in return. You must be ready to give her what she asks of you. If you ask her for help in leaving a destructive or harmful relationship, then you must complete your task based on her guidance. The task may be to leave and never look back or make the hard decision to file for divorce. Failing to follow through will have its consequences. You must also be ready for things in your past to come forward that need to be released.

These things may be embarrassing, hurtful, or just hard to get through, but there is a reason for all of it. Once it is released, you will find yourself on a path that you should have been on all your life.

Those that have met Morrigan never leave her, and she never leaves them. She is not a goddess that hangs around all the time but will come when you need her the most. Remember, she is a battle goddess. And being a battle goddess means you will always have her on your side during your most trying times.

How to Contact The Goddess Morrigan

Follow these steps in order below to contact the Goddess Morgan properly. Just like any goddess, the Morrigan needs mediation and focus to contact her. But there is a bit more that you need to do to prepare yourself. As I mentioned, she is not someone you go up to and invoke. You need to be ready for her in your heart and soul.

The Altar

The first thing you want to do is set up a sacred space for her. You don’t need to get all ritualistic and build out this elaborate altar. You can, if you want to, but it is not needed, and if you don’t have a lot of money, then just a regular space dedicated to her is all you need.

Anything will work, as long as it is dedicated. When I worked with her, I set up a little space on top of my bookshelf, and that is where I did all my work. It was simple but effective.

On your altar, you will want to place a few things. If you have a statue of her, you can place it there, or a drawing or just a printout from the internet works well. All you need is to have a representation of her there on your altar. You will need a candle, and I recommend both red and black candles and an altar cloth. Again you don’t need to get elaborate here. Any cloth will work as well as any candles you can afford. Place a few other things that she likes or can morph into, such as pictures of crows. Lastly, place a cup or bowl of water on your altar. The water element governs cleansing, a connection, and grounding to mother earth, the magick of love and emotion, intuition, pleasure, and introspection.


Now that you have your altar ready, spend some time grounding yourself. This means connecting yourself to your place on this planet. The way you do this is either through visualization or with the help of crystals.

I recommend using crystals because they speed up the process and can channel your energy where it is needed. If you are using crystals, then sit in a chair in an upright position and place a grounding crystal like Tourmaline or Moss Agate between your feet and use the same crystals in each hand. Close your eyes and place your hands on your legs and begin to visualize the energy of the universe flowing through the crown of your head, down your chest through your arms, to your legs, and into the crystal between your feet. Now visualize that energy going into the earth and connecting with the largest crystal on our planet, the core of the earth. Continue to visualize that energy flowing and engulfing your entire body. That energy is grounding you to the earth. It is calming and a reassuring feeling that you can easily return to this place when you are ready to do so.

Calling the Goddess

Now it is time to call upon her. You may feel a little nervous, and that is OK. There is nothing evil or scary about this, and you will be in full control of yourself and can leave if you feel uncomfortable. When you call upon her, you will feel her presence. You will be aware of when she is there. Her energy is not subtle, and she makes itself known. Tell her about your issues, problems, and ask for her guidance and advice. She may not respond right away, but she often communicates to you through dreams. Be sure to write down anything you have dreamt concerning her because it will mean something that will happen either right away or in the future. It will have to do with your issue and the ability to solve it. Address your dreams and do your best to follow her guidance.

Do not take this work lightly. She demands respect and expects you to follow her guidance. If those things she shows you are too hard to deal with at the time, that is OK. Tell her this and ask her to help you deal with these hard things. She is the warrior and will be there to carry you through the battle. It would be best if you asked, and she may respond by telling you to slow down or take a different path.

Once you connect with her, she will always be there when you need her the most.

Post Goddess Invoking

Once you have completed your work with her, offer her a glass of wine on your altar, crow feathers, a knife or other battle weapon, red foods, traditional Irish foods, milk, honey, artwork, poetry, or sing a song to her. All gifts such as these are a great way to thank her and provide her the respect she so much deserves.

Other Ways to Work with This Goddess

I won’t’ get into the details of each of these suggestions below. There will be other articles about these in more detail at a later time.

  • Sex Magic
  • Morrigan is not only a dark goddess but also a sensual goddess and known as the goddess of sacred sex, rebirth, and creation. Just like she engages, The Dagda in the sacred sexual act over the river, so you can use a sexual act to honor her.

    • Shadow Work
    • This is my favorite way to work with Morrigan. If shadow work is an important aspect of your life, then a dark goddess is generally needed. Morrigan is a strong and able goddess that can get someone through any shadow work if they so desire her help.

      • Talking to the Crows
      • What does the crow have to say? Actually, quite a bit. Once you start to work with Morrigan, you may start to see a lot more blackbirds and crows. Watch them, listen to them, and try to connect with them. Since Morrigan is a part crow, her energy, magick, and guidance will also flow outside your meditation work and into your everyday world through the crows and blackbirds. For the record, I have tons of blackbirds around me now. I love seeing them. I feel protected when they are around.

        Some closing notes on the Morrigan and using other goddesses.

        I hope this article was engaging and helpful in understanding the Goddess Morrigan. I also hope I could calm anyone’s fears by invoking her to help them through trying times. Just like anything, though, be mindful of your situation. If you need additional help like a medical doctor or law enforcement and attorney’s to get through your situation, use them. The goddesses are there to help and support but are not there to substitute other necessary roles for your protection, mental and physical health. We always want to get the help of these people as well for the best outcome and results.