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The Nitty Gritty of Manifestation

Manifestation is also called the “Law of Attraction” and the basis for all spiritual practice, from witchcraft to self-help practices and everything in-between. It is a secret that witches have known for centuries but reached the public consciousness with multiple new ages gurus appearing on Oprah and similar platforms for self-help gurus. The practice was then touted freely to the masses that once belonged only to witches centuries before they supposedly discovered the technique. It has reached a fever pitch with a movie like ‘The Secret,’ but many still do not realize how to manifest and what the actual procedure is to create good things in our lives while also banishing bad.

Manifesting in witchcraft is not always about spellwork and setting an intention but relies on the hard work it takes to get the mind and spirit ready for miracles to happen. Every change in life takes hard work and dedication to make it come true, and manifesting a new reality is not different. Even the smallest manifestations take a positive thought process since negativity will dull the process and not allow good things to come. All intentions setting and spell work requires a consistent thought process until the manifestation is fully complete. Manifestation is not for the lazy witch or person and is a process that needs work and planning to activate in the creators’ life.

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Sigil work is a great manifestation tool but will not work without constant charging, and the same goes for all manifestation procedures. The more a sigil or intention charges, the more the magick’s will is set, and the manifestation is more likely to come true. The same thing with altars, spells, and prayer work, the choices must be real, and the witch must be willing to put work into the process. Being proactive towards manifestations allows the intentions to come through much quicker because both the magical and the physical are working towards making the goals come true.

Manifestation is not just about thoughts as well. It is also about actions. Manifestations will never come true if physical efforts are counteracting the intentions. If an expression includes a healthier, happier body but junk food keeps getting put into it, the actions offset the manifestation since the choices are not in line with the goal. Manifestations are not miracles but are intentions put into real change with movement and effort. Making a plan come to fruition is about changing your mind and changing your body, and making sure you’re holding yourself accountable to your dream life.

A great way to keep the physical part of this task is to set reminders of a particular time you want to meditate and do spellwork to manifest the goals. Meditation is a great way to focus the mind on the purposes and intentions, ensuring that the mind, magick, and body are all inlined. Also, doing some listing of steps to ensure every action to make the goal come true is done physically. A written out intention will help activate the manifestations to create a much more straightforward and more potent message to the universe. A list helps the mind grasp how they can help set the manifestations without depending on the magick. Spellwork is an excellent tool because it is both a mental and physical creation tool to send positive messages to the universe that the goals are ready to be obtained.

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There are many sets of laws for manifestation to come true and to activate the Law of Attraction. Following is an example of three I find very important for spellwork and manifestation. These I find are both a tool for ritual manifestation and good daily practice habits to make the most basic dreams come true for all practitioners.

First Law of Manifestation: The World is a Reflection of Ourselves

The first law of manifestation is the world is a reflection of ourselves, which means you will never change the world if you do not change yourself. You cannot manifest a new life if you are not willing to put in the work to make the changes required to live that new life. Rumi said, “the world is like a mountain your: echo depends on you.” The voice of our goals needs a force to echo them out into our universe. When that echo comes back, it must be meeting a witch living their truth and working for the manifestation to bounce back out again even more vital.

Second Law of Manifestation: We Filter the World Through Our Mindset

The second law of manifestation is that we filter the world through our mindset, and that means if you have a negative mindset, you are much less likely to have your manifestations come true. If you have a positive attitude and can envision your life with unique opportunities, it is most likely to manifest. The truth is you can believe it, and it will come true. Negativity breeds more negative experiences because the universe knows you will not change the negative until the ugly is right in your face. Or for those unlucky few when it is surrounding you. The universe only brings positive things into our lives when we are ready to cherish and accept our gifts.

Third Law of Manifestation: We Act According to Our Identity

The Third Law of manifestation is that we act according to our identity, which means we have to embody the kind of person who has these manifestations come true. When you manifest the person who deserves these gifts, you’re more likely to have them come into your life. People cannot expect great things to come into their lives if they’re not living a noble and authentic life. A person has to be worthy of positive manifestation and cannot be a lousy person expecting good things. The person who gets something they do not deserve will not understand the gift and possibly ruin the opportunity. Magick understands this and will never give a practitioner something they cannot handle.

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Daily practice is another essential to living these laws and make them a substantial part of life. The best way to keep consistent as a witch is by making sure daily ritual is never forgotten or neglected. Even without a clear manifestation goal, spellwork and ritual are activated much more substantially with a magick that naturally channels the correct methods from practice. All the tools for manifestation, including the numerous written laws by gurus and witch tools, including spell work, and the like, agree that the mind and intentions must be in the right space for any magick to come true.

The best way to manifest your life is to try to live your truth totally and completely every single day. The best way to display this practice is by thinking positive thoughts all the time. Walking around with a negative attitude that nothing will come useful to your life or will ever go your way is not how manifestations will come true. It is a hard pill to swallow, but negativity has never changed anybody’s life for the positive. Positive action is the mindset needed to combat any opposing thoughts or actions interfering with the goals and spellwork.