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The Oracle has Spoken: You Just Have to Make Up Your Own Damned Mind

An oracle or tarot spread is good to do at the end of the year since it gives some knowledge from the past year in a nice clean format. A summary of the lessons learned and struggle to persevere for this difficult year helps give insight into any issues and cast them positively. It is good to use either the Oracle or Tarot deck as both give valuable insight, but any divination card deck will give insight into the following prompts. For this pull, I’m going to be using the astrological Barbieri Zodiac Oracle deck. You can use this pull as a 2020/21 guidance or do your own with the prompts below.

Oracle or Tarot Card Pull for 2021

The first card should be the theme of the 2020 card. This card should tell you what was learned from this year and the lessons the universe was attempting to show. The universe is always trying to give you insight into your magick from one year to the next.

The car pulled from my Oracle deck for lessons learned from 2020 was the Water element card. This card immediately brought up the famous quote by Bruce Lee to “be like water, my friend.” This sums up the lesson of 2020 very well. The water card represents flowing, cleansing, and healing, and the energy of water refreshes and starting anew. Those who were able to ride the current of 2020 were prized with creative growth and resilience. Sadly, those who could not embrace the flow were drowned and forced to resurface until they could show that they can survive and channel power. Water can be a beautiful soft force, but it can also be a detrimental force of nature that destroys while also cleansing at the same time.

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The second card in the spread is the struggle activation of 2020, and this card should highlight the struggle that you went through this year, and possibly that was not rectified. This can be an ongoing struggle that you may see pop up in 2021 again, but how you can come out on the other side. It all depends on the struggle’s awareness and acknowledgment. This card can help make a game plan for entering 2021

The card pulled from the deck as the struggle activation card is the Sun, representing the birthday and the day that one came into being. This also has issues with self-image, self-esteem, individuality, identity, and personal creativity. The sun also relates to a father or patriarchal figure. This is an interesting omen for the problems of 2020 that will be brought in to 2021 since, in America, there is a huge debate right now on our main patriarchal figure, the President. The division of a country over who they want to rule in this father figure role has been a dividing factor and could cause a huge uproar within the next early days of 2021. The sun could also symbolize the father figure being the government being a strong patriarchal figure forcing strong laws on the general public like a father would force laws on his children. The sun symbol shows that everyone will have some identity issues, and there’s going to be a large population on either side that is not going to be happy with the decision. The best aspect to focus on to get through the struggle is to remember who you are on the inside and who your true self-identity is without letting the collective guide who you are in your core. Those who are willing to be true and their own identity and not falter at the hands of other’s opinions will come through the struggle and better for it on the other side.

The third card will be the ending card for 2020, and this is the card that sums up the year and how you will look back upon this interesting year of changes and struggles.

This card is important because usually, this is the card that is a reflection card. It’s hard to see the reflection when we’re still in the midst of the struggle, so this will be a card that activates later when looking back on the year 2020. I got the Uranus card for this pull, another patriarchal father figure card but a lot more intense than the Sun. Uranus represents powerful human needs, such as the desire for freedom and individuality. The push towards a larger vision and humanitarian aspect with service will be what those who reflect on 2020 see in the rearview mirror. Big Ideas and big changes are ushered in with Uranus. This is a positive omen because hopefully, the humanitarian efforts that have been activated this year will make some larger changes. This card represents that it all was for a good cause and that it should change history. Many are disappointed that the movement seems to have faded out of consciousness. Still, they do not realize that it may have imprinted on a younger generation who will not let the past’s detriments control their future. This card represents that the activation of a younger generation has happened. They will make some larger changes on a humanitarian and effort after they learned the lessons this year.

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The first card for 2021 is an analysis of what the new year will bring and what parts of your magic should focus on.

For the first card of 2021, I got the Fire card, and this element is very telling of what this new year will represent. In this spread, fire represents powerful, focused, and intense energies that burn quickly and make large changes. Passion drive and the desire to create are parts of fire’s wheelhouse, and so are scary emotions like anger. This says this will be a year of taking action and doing what needs to get done to make larger changes in humanity. The water and cleansing of last year have made room for the fire to come and burn away all that is no longer needed, so the spark of creativity and recreation can begin. This will be a good year for honoring and following the passions set out during the dormant period of 2020.

The last and final card for 2021 and beyond is the lessons to be learned in the new year and the parts of your life that you should protect and pay extra attention to in the next year.

The last card our lessons will be learned in 2021 and are good things to be focused on to be prepared for when these lessons come around. The card that was pulled is the Air card, and are in this deck represents crisp, creative, and decisive energy. This will be a year where the lessons are centered around clarity and truth supported by rationality, reason, and common sense. With the age of misinformation of 2020, this will be the year where people are no longer willing to listen to non-experts and people who are making up their own rules. This will be a year where people see things clearly and objectively and focus on the facts instead of being taken away by those who have agendas. This will also promote understanding on all sides, bringing humanity together under a more realistic and humanistic goal.

The omens that this oracle card pull has discovered for me has been very inspiring and enlightening. With the Aquarian energy of next year very apparent. this will be a year about creativity and also compassion. 2020 was a year of feeling bad for the self and the restrictions placed on personal freedom. 2021 will be more of a time to come together as a community and value the interactions we have with those around us and the ones who share their love. The hope is that once we start seeing our friends in person, we learn to value them and treat them well while also starting creative projects and using our community to its fullest potential.

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