Magick Spells

The Power in Flowers

Flower magick is a potent form of magickal creation as it uses nature to perform spells, and it mixes holistic homeopathic medicine and beauty magick. Since planting season is upcoming for many witches, it is an excellent time to plant and plan flowers you may want to use with forthcoming rituals. Flower magick is a holistic practice that helps heal the mind, body, and soul by working with flowers’ beauty and power. Many flowers have magickal properties, and many are edible and able to add to food or make tea with many parts of the plant. It is essential to study the flowers you’re using since some can be poisonous, and do not use them for consumption until you have gained considerable knowledge of flowers.

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How the witch finds or obtains the flower is significant to the magick that will be performed and will define what type of magick the flower will help express. A flower located on the ground is a gift from the universe, and do a little chant to make sure and show gratefulness accordingly. Flowers that are gifts given by loved ones can be great to channel the loved one’s energy or even ancestors. The ancestor magick created with flowers delivered by loved ones also helps channel hereditary magick and your magick’s physical form at its core. The flowers can channel a specific spell based on who, how, or why the witch obtained the flowers. If flowers are delivered for a love anniversary or by a lover, they are potent for love-increasing spells. If the witch receives the flowers from a friend or someone who loves them using them for protection, magick will surround the witch with her family’s shield.

Growing the flowers in the garden can be the deepest a witch can fully channel their flower magickal abilities, and these flowers will be the most potent for spell work. Planning a flower garden can be fun for the beauty it will create in the garden atmosphere and have magickal spells and teas that can be even more beneficial. Take a look in the herb and flower cupboards and find what flowers are used the most for spellwork. Also, researching the flower properties can help find which herbs best support your magick, but some tremendous essential flowers start growing.

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Snapdragons are among the most magickal flowers since they link a witch to trust in its instincts, amplify powers, and cure any curses. A few snapdragons in a vase will protect your home and area from manipulative intentions and any lousy energy anyone may be sending the witch’s way. Put snapdragon seeds inside a small blue bag and carry the bag in your pocket or purse, which will prevent negative energy from affecting you and those around you. As you put the seeds into the bag, chant,

“Snapdragon seeds in a pouch of blue, I request your magick, my need is true. Now protect me from hatred send evil away, Lord and Lady bless and guide me every day.”

A perfect gift for a handfasting (or wedding) is a bloom decorated with yarrow and rosemary. Yarrow helps keep the couple happily together, and rosemary represents faithfulness, trustworthy nature, and remembrance. Yarrow also has physical health benefits that channel healthy energy to keep the couple robust for life. The bundle created with the flower magick will helps influence the couple on a journey to happiness and a life filled with prosperity. Encourage the couple to keep the dry blooms somewhere in their house to keep that energy with them always and to keep the marriage protected.

Lilacs are one of the most potent flowers for clairvoyance and psychic abilities. Place lilacs around while trying to channel during a divination reading or when looking towards the future. Lilac can also be used as an essential oil during mystical readings to increase power in both the mystic and the client. A way to combine flower magick and candle magick is to lite a lilac purple candle when channeling to help with psychic powers since both the lilac and purple conduct clairvoyance.

Violet is a fairy flower which is a flower guarded and worshipped by the fae. Violets are best used for love and protection while channeling the nature magick encompassed in fairy creatures. Keep violets around the magick altar to increase the protection powers during rituals and spellwork and keep it guarded when the witch is not near. When the moon is full, keep a vase of violets next to the casting ritual or sitting next to the witch to increase protection power.

Morning glory is a flower that blooms in September, and the vines are good to use to cast binding and unbinding spells. Grow the morning glory flowers in the witch garden to bring peace and happiness and to attract those good feelings into your life. Butterflies are attracted to the garden with Asters and morning glories, and the combination of these beautiful flowers have use for casting love spells and should be channeled in beauty rituals.

Crocus is one of the first flowers you’ll see in the spring, and it’s off associated with new beginnings and newly blooming love. The crocus is also known to enhance visions and bring about intuitive dreams. Place a vase with a crocus next to the bed to increase the dreams’ prophecy, but only to do this is small since plans can be robust. Plant them in your garden to know the best time to start practicing flower magick.

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Dandelion is one of the most potent of the holistic flowers, and the bad reputation it gets is entirely unfounded. Not only does the dandelion have properties for health and magick, but it also is vital for purification and ritual cleansing. The flower dandelion brings about positive change in your life, so to best use the yellow flowers to their fullest potential, plant dandelions in the northwest corner of your yard, and do not let anyone spray these fantastic flowers. The bright yellow flowers of dandelions can be used in divination or placed in a white satchel to draw good energy into your magickal life.

Honeysuckle has the magickal purpose of drawing prosperity and good fortune for monetary goals and values. An easy spell to do with honeysuckles is to write your wishes on a piece of paper and plant them near the honeysuckles. Every time you water the honeysuckles, your aspirations are being nurtured and helped to grow as well.

Tulips are another magickal flower that appears in many different colors and varieties while connected to prosperity and building wealth. Bringing in prosperity with spellwork does not always have to be physical wealth but can also be spiritual wealth. Using different colors of tulips correlates with another form of magick, color magick. Color magick integrates at times like using dark blends, like Queen of the Night for full moon rituals or bright red flowers for love and passion magick.

The flowers that were grown, found, and obtained can all be dried and put into a container to hold all the spellwork’s energy, creating a witch potpourri. Putting all the dried flowers from spell work and pouch rotation makes a potpourri of all the flower magick performed, encompassing the magick of the particular flower witch. The flowers can also be buried in the ground in a garden or yard to gift nature back the flowers and connect the spellwork to grounding and earth energy.

Flower magick is powerful because it connects nature with the witch’s power in the physical form’s beauty to create powerful spells and rituals with dualistic purposes. Flower magick uses the gifts that nature gives us to increase our spell power work and connection to the mother goddess and spirit. The power of flower magick is that it mixes with nature magick and beauty magick, which encompasses nature’s beauty and usefulness into a powerful being called a flower. Grow a beautiful garden of whatever flower best channels your magick as a witch or a flower that reminds you of an ancestor passed. The connection to the smell and beauty of a flower connects the witch to the purest form of beauty, and this can be a potent nature magick to perform. Explore and make the flower ritual and your spell work entirely your own with flower magick.

What flowers are you growing in your witches or flower garden this year to have for spellwork?