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The Trance Dance Makes the Ritual

The trance is a state of consciousness that opens up a being to channeling their subconscious mind, and though it is not necessary to do it every time you cast it, the trance is a vital part of magick. Trance states are essential for a lot of magick practice as it activates a deeper part of the magick practice. Going into a trance is used by many cultures of people to connect to their higher selves. The trance state is not required to practice magick, but it still helps reach a higher state while doing rituals. It is activated through meditation, chanting, singing, dancing, or whatever makes the witch lose sight of their surroundings and leave their body.

A trance state is an altered form of consciousness, whether the person is in a state that is not fully awake but it’s not fully asleep. A magickal trance activates through purposeful and non-purposeful reasons. Still, trance states involve exploring the world between the awakened and sleep in the form of consciousness or diving between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Trances, zoning out, or being out of it, are all stages of consciousness and can even be called daydreaming from those who do not understand the different trance phases.

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There are five different primary trance states, and the first level is a very light trance, and this is just the common dazing off for your conscious where your thoughts or feelings create physical sensations or mindful emotion. Mindful meditation is a very light trance state. The very light trance is the easiest trance to get into, and one many people fall into by accident or when they may sit idle for periods.

The second state is a light trance, and this is the stage characterized by the dreamlike state of consciousness. People in a light trance are getting lost in daydreams or fantasy, imagining a whole world in their heads. People who watch TV, read a book, or driving their car to work without realizing what they’re doing are in a light trance. The light trance is also the trance phase that helps with deep thinking and creative pursuits.

The third level of trance is called a medium trance characterized by being in the zone. Athletes or anyone who actively engages in competitions get into this trance state while winning a contest. This trance is sometimes called the flow state, like while dancing, one gets into the rhythm and flow. It is common in the state of consciousness to lose awareness of surroundings while in the medium trance. Also, losing time or even one’s understanding of the body is similar to being in a substance-induced state.

The fourth level is a deep trance, and this is where we fall into the hypnotic and regular sleep stages. Lucid dreaming is a part of the trance stage, including a state of consciousness. Just before we go to sleep, our conscious minds wind down for the day. It is common to see strange visuals, rocky stories, or memories developing our minds and even auditory or tactile hallucinations maker in the state.

The fifth level of a trance is the very deep trance in the stage includes the loss of consciousness in the complete form like we experience during deep sleep or in a comatose state. The very deep state of trance is a scary form of trance if the practitioner is not well versed in the trance state, and this state is also the hardest to get into for practice.

Going into a trance helps us bypass the conscious mind and allows the subconscious to use its powers of perception and intuition. The critical mind and the conscious mind can interfere by causing profound inner transformation to halt. The rational mind is a block for the irrational are in the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind is where the majority of our issues I resolved with trauma and past issues. The ego’s role is to protect us from perceived threats that this defensive system is stubborn at helping us shake off toxic habits or adopt new practices by releasing pent-up pain. The ego is the soldier who is always on guard, ensuring that our mind is safe and the defense mechanisms are vital. You find ignorance and comfort as safe and have problems letting go of what has worked for the ego before evading or facing what we repress within us.

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There are many different methods to go into a trance, but the first one is breathwork. Breathwork is when you change your breathing patterns and Rhythm to control and increase the power of the breath. Their many different breathing practices based on yoga or meditation of trance states work to improve the ability to go into a trance. Yoga breath removes mental and emotional obstacles and induces this trance State when appropriately used. There many different forms of breathwork, and make sure to consult a doctor if there are any issues with freezing or chart patterns. The best method to increase breathwork is deep breaths. Breathing in deeply and slowly in and out, and incorporating mindfulness can be good during this practice.

The second method is Mantra in prayer, and this is where meditation comes into practice.

Mantras are repetitive words or patterns repeatedly and go into a trance state by focusing on a specific meditation. Monks of all different types of religious sects use mantras to alter their consciousness and go into a prayer or meditative state. Prayer is a gentle technique that can change the unconscious, and it sets attention into a light trance state. Experiment with different types of prayer and see if it can go into maybe even a deeper meditative state. Spell work falls in this area of trance as well. We’re all going into an actual meditative state with a trance.

The third method is rhythmic beats or any primal sound that occurs in a steady rhythm. The rhythm of the music or a drum induces a trance-like state, and that is why many religious leaders or medicine men have used rhythmic sounds for a millennium to induce trance. Any sound with a rich earth essence can induce a trance-like state and mainly comes from instruments that relax you. The best way to do a trance is a thread of repetitive sounds like voices or music sung by those who do not speak your language as he did not have to use the rational mind when dealing with a language you do not understand. The mind needs to be not engaged to induce the subconscious mind.

Another way is the meditative state or a self-hypnosis. Many people do not practice enough meditative state or self hang-ups gnosis and should be more common into putting them into a deep state. Taking your time to meditate consistently makes sure the mind more common and more able to go into the subconscious state.

There are many other different ways to go into a trance, including visualizing a specific area, smelling a particular smell, or putting the body into a state of catharsis. Dancing is one of the most freeing ways of putting yourself into a trance and not even realizing it, as many just fall into the joy of Trance.

The trance works well for magickal rituals and spellwork as it allows the subconscious mind to help with spell work and the conscious mind. It is best to do a trance with major spells you want quick results or something you’re serious about. Trances do not have to be done every time, but it is good to make it a habit as your brain will start shifting into a trance, the place where magick is created.

What is your favorite way to go into a trance? Leave your methods in the comments below