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The Ugly Truth of Beauty Magick

The truth about beauty magick is that it is not to change the outer beauty suddenly, but it changes how the mind perceives it inside and then projects it outward. It truly changes the mind with magick to reflect a more beautiful existence which helps a beauty witch transform their life through energy exchange. Beauty and glamour magick focuses on self-worth and brings it to the magick. Witches have changed themselves, and many have even found the fountain of youth in glamour magick. Empowering the witch in themselves through magick and energy helps a witch feel good about their outward appearance and bringing the power out, transforming them into beautiful creatures. Beauty spells can change the appearance through positive will and intention and have been practiced by witches in shapeshift magick throughout history and cultures.

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The ugly truth is that most beauty spells found on the internet or in grimoires have to do with glamour focus primarily on transforming oneself with just magick and not focusing on the intention or positive direction to shift energy. But many of these Beauty spells leave out because it’s transforming the Mind into believing those attributes are what you want them to be. Beauty magic should not be about changing the self but instead accepting the self Beauty and many many of these spells have it wrong. Magic is always about embracing the own unique gifts the universe has bestowed upon us. We can change ourselves with many different things like haircuts and physical forms of beauty manipulation the magic is another form of beauty Magic. It is about embracing the goddess archetypes a witch is given naturally as of being. Much of the power is in the magick of knowing they are just beautiful for yourself and no other.

The most recent development in beauty magick has been embracing glamour magick or confidence magick. The glamour spells encompass self-love mantras or daily spellwork focusing on the positive energy that makes the witch feel beautiful and start their day off with great vibes. To do the glamour spell, a witch will look into a mirror, turn on music and admire the body to truly embrace the self and seize the magick of the day. The self-accepting method behind glamour spells makes the witch feel beautiful inside and out, which boosts the magick’s energy. Also, charging and channeling beauty products is great to put magick into items that may not have magickal properties but can hold power.

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This spellwork makes for a good day and increases the witch’s self-worth growing their magick. A burned-out witch will have a hard time channeling their energy, and glamour spells can be done at any time a feeling down. The spell work is a great excuse to dress up and make yourself feel good about who you are. Glamour magick or confidence magick is one of the best parts of new magick since it’s encompassing self-worth and finding the self beautiful without worrying about what others think.

Beauty magic is about feeling good inside and out, and the stigma needs demolishing to promise a sudden transformation of the natural beauty into something false. The hope is to accept that body and channel the energy into a shell or illusions, and then change will come. It is good to start the morning routine for beauty magick by staying with physical patterns like cleansing the face and the body. Using witchy ingredients in the beauty routine like witch hazel and rose water can help magick integrate into the regular practice. Many crystals can be put into the bathroom and charge the area, including rose quartz and clear quartz. Many crystals are great to invoke in beauty spells, and keeping many crystals at the morning station can start the day off with the best intentions. This atmosphere creates a beautiful aura that encompasses the witch. Place crystals that channel beauty energy in front of a mirror which helps to charge the mirror and cleanse it. Cleansing the mirror space should often keep negative beauty energy out because it is an altar.

Beauty magick spell work for any time the witch is feeling unsure about their radiance is down by putting on music that the witch feels beautiful listening to or making a smile come upon the face is the best for a morning beauty ritual. Natural perfumes and even whatever fragrance make the witch feel good are good to incorporate in this routine. It is good to have a nighttime routine that similar to the morning routine as well. Put on calming music to make a face feel relaxed and beautiful. Make sure to put on some lavender and anything that helps sleepy thoughts come in. The morning beauty routine is the most important, though, as it does start the magick, good energy, and protection for the day.

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Glamour and beauty magick embrace the witches’ beauty style and then amplify it with positive energy. They focus on things that you find beautiful about yourself and only slightly concentrate on what bothers and wants to be changed. When you discover the things that want to be changed, focus on the sinful subtle changes that can happen overnight or with magic. The vibration of things creating energy transforms beauty. Beauty magick has the power that changes the outer appearance. Throughout centuries, this form of magick traveled from witches who have shape-shifted into something different from what they have been here all along and is genuinely about perception. A witch can manipulate energy and perception through spell work and energy-boosting. Beauty magick is one of the most vital magick forms when channeled since it gives the witch confidence and control of their energy, unlike any other form of magick.

What are your favorite beauty magick routines or crystals to put on your beauty altar? Leave a comment below and let us know!