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The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle

Have you ever considered your role in the animal kingdom or stopped to wonder what the creatures of the earth, sky, and sea could teach you? The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit calls upon the wisdom of 63 animals – both real and mythical to unlock the mystery of your human nature.

Discover how to use this oracle deck to take a closer look at yourself in the mirror. You just might find a little animal energy inside yourself.

History of Tarot Cards (and how they differ from oracle cards)

In the span of a few centuries, what began as a game for Italian aristocrats became a widely heralded tool for divination. The game spread from Italy across Europe, where tarocci became tarot– the name we still use today.

In the 18th century Jean-Baptiste Alliette, under the pseudonym, Etteilla published his definitive guide to tarot reading. He also created the first deck for divination with meanings printed on each card.

Not sure how to read tarot cards? It’s not difficult once you know the basics. Typically, tarot decks consist of 78 cards, which are divided into two groups: the major and minor arcana. You’ll find symbolic elements, designed to help you understand major life events and lessons in the 22 major arcana (also known as trumps). The 56 minor arcana are divided into four groups with 14 cards each. The swords, pentacles, wands, and cups shed light on everyday situations.

How can you tell the difference between tarot and oracle cards? Tarot cards adhere to a set of rules, while oracle cards are open for interpretation. The differences can be seen from the numbers alone. Decks can range in size from 10 to over 100 cards. For example, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck contains only 63 cards. While tarot cards often have a set meaning, oracle cards don’t have any rules, and are instead guided by the author or the individual reader.

About the author: Kim Krans

Kim Krans is a visionary, author, multi-media artist, filmmaker, and musician who’s studied yoga and shamanism in India, Africa, Europe, and the UK. Her The Wild Unknown Tarot deck is a New York Times bestseller, and her creativity and talent are evident in The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, which she authored and illustrated.

What symbolism will I find in The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck?

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck was created to help seekers and enthusiasts expand their self-discovery by uncovering the mysteries of the animal kingdom. Featuring 63 animals, both real and mythical, the deck uses animal archetypes to offer insight into the aspects of our lives where we need it the most. Let the hidden wisdom of the animal kingdom help you uncover truths about your relationships, career, and personality. The deck is divided into five suits that mirror the five yogic elements that make up all living things: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. The entire deck is rife with imagery– the Ether suit holds the seven spirit cards representing the seven chakras.

To help you better understand the symbolism of each card, The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck comes with a 208-page hand-lettered and illustrated guidebook. The wisdom of the animals from the deserts, forests, streams, fields, and sky will illuminate your path as you strive to understand yourself and the world around you.

How to use The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

Choose how you prefer to interact with The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit oracle deck in a way that most resonates with you. A one-card pull will help you gain insight on an event that may happen during the day or a side of your personality that’s begging to be explored.

Or perhaps you’ll choose to do a three-card spread. The three cards represent your past, present, and future, and will help you see “who I am, who I was, and who I will be.” Let the loving guidance of the animal kingdom teach you to live fully present in each moment as you let go of your past and accept your future.

This deck can be used in conjunction with The Wild Unknown Tarot to add additional insight to your reading.

What is The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle Deck and where can I get my own deck?

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit is a hand-drawn work of art that explores our connection to the animal kingdom and celebrates the wisdom of 63 real and mythical creatures. From the beautiful peacock to the playful dolphin, each animal encourages self-acceptance, coaxes growth, and illuminates the interconnected nature of all beings on this planet. Pure Journi is your number one source for tarot and oracle cards– shop for The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and discovers our entire collection of decks designed to help you find the wisdom you seek.