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Tips from the Original Healers of the Earth

Native Americans used many holistic healing forms in their day-to-day life and during times of sickness and health trauma. Other ancient cultures like the Greeks have used similar healing methods as the Native Americans to connect to the healing source in nature that many powerful magickians had in their arsenal. Native Americans used the healing techniques of heat, nutrition, massage, good energy, positive thoughts, or sound and movement. The Native Americans used these methods for centuries, and they are still implemented centuries later in modern medicine. Witches should constantly and consistently integrate these habits into daily habits to prevent sickness or heal sickness that sneaks up in life. Native Americans believe helping is a full-time job and must be done focusing on the mind, body, and spirit being aligned.

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Native Americans used the power of heat and fever to cure or treat diseases similar to the Greek healer Hippocrates used. Hippocrates shows the link between modern medicine and incident cultures as the Hippocratic oath was named after this Greek man and is used today. These ancient cultures both using the same methods to heal. The Native Americans knew that temperatures over 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit burned away diseases, and they also treated everything from arthritis to headaches with heat. Native Americans would build sweat lodges where they would put their sick or healthy, and all would sweat out the diseases bothering them. This practice was very different from what Europeans believed as they believed bathing was taboo, and many of their sicknesses were caused by bad hygiene. A modern way to make similar effects to the sweat lodge is to do steam rooms or turn the steam on in a small bathroom and closed the door, and cover the crack in the door with a towel. Do the steam to help sweat out any diseases or sicknesses and help the body heal faster.

Native Americans also used massages and physical touch to be able to heal illness. They have their form of Reiki, and it is something that used for healing for centuries. Medicine men and women would use energy from their hands to help find areas in the body that needed healing. Massaging and touch would be one of the best ways to heal, and Native Americans knew this and used it throughout their societies. Native Americans were using massage way before it became the science of physiology, and even colonels of the US Army could testify as many used the tribespeople for healing themselves. It is unknown what techniques the Native American massagers used, but they were very influential and renowned throughout healing circles. Even White settlers could attest. Next time you are sick, try to get a professional massage safely or have someone rub your muscles to help speed up the healing process.

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Native Americans also believed in the healing power of the mind, and if they could see themselves well, they would become healed from what was ailing them at the time. The power of positive thought has shown the power within even the modern time, and many holistic practitioners still use the positive mind’s ability to heal. Even sports teams use this technique to win tournaments and visualize what they will win, and get what they want out of their lives. It can lower blood pressure, reduce levels of stress, and generally help people perform better. Modern scientists have found that the visual cortex, the part of the brain that responds to when we look at a real object, functions the same when we visualize or imagine something in our minds. What affects the brain also affects the body’s and studies have shown that this mental image can heal the body. The Native Americans were ahead of their time when it comes to holistic medicine. My mom always told me not to say I was sick because she felt like that would help the body get tricked into not being sick. Next time you’re sick, try not to say that you’re ill or think you’re healthy and see if the mind helps you heal faster than expected.

Native Americans were on to something when it came to them using sound and movement to heal as sound and movement increased and expanded happy thoughts and positive feelings. Every day of life for Native Americans included healing ceremonies through sound and movement, and spiritual belief went hand-in-hand with healing. Every Native American tribe had strong music influences with either drumming, singing, or both, along with many dance movements that were considered forms of prayer. The dance and movement with being a form of trance Native Americans would use to get into the frame of mine could have healing properties from spirit. The spirits would help the healing process, and the shaman would focus on the dance and invoke all the ancestor spirits through drumming, dancing, and singing. This action would summon help from the spirit world and heal the tribe’s sicknesses. Even doctors today realize the healing power of an altered state and bring energy from energy beyond our comprehension. Next time you want to channel healing energy in an altered state, either dance or meditate on healing and feeling better, as this modified state has proven to work to reframe the mind to help the body.

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Native Americans also used nutrition to cure diseases, and this is one of the longest-used methods that modern doctors use now to help combat illness. Many in contemporary medicine think it’s common knowledge that nutrition helps with the disease, but it was not common practice before Native Americans developed the habit. The Native Americans have been using food for a long time to balance their diets, and they had much better diets than the Europeans that came to destroy their culture. Like witches, the Europeans could not kill the Native Americans healing methods, and their focus on nutrition has saved countless lives and is now considered accepted practice. Native Americans believe that heavy meals impede the body’s ability to recover, and they ate light when they were ill.

Native Americans were ahead of their time, and the healing methods they developed are apart of healing methods by holistic and AMA medical certified doctors. These are a few tips for integrating the techniques of Native American healing into your healing practice. Make sure to thank the ancestors of the medicine men and women who helped heal the world for centuries and developed these methods. Native Americans are the healers that began this journey and have passed on their knowledge to generations of healers and those willing to embrace their magick. Witches of the world should be highly grateful for the pioneers of the holistic healing method. It has brought magick to a mainstream audience and allowed witches to develop their skills.