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To Love Spell or To Not Love Spell

Love spells are the most debated and questioned part of witchcraft and magick, even from those who do not practice the craft. Love spells scare everyone who hears the words’ uttering, thinking that they can cast into love or relationships without consent. This misconnection arose from how love spells seem to work in mass media and movies. The truth is love spells, like most magick, are just subtle spells that can increase the love that already exists but never entirely create love out of nowhere.

The bad reputation love spells have does not guarantee that there have not been many witches trying to cast a spell to obtain the love of their life through magick. Consent and free will ensure most spells will never create true love, and there has to be some intention from both for any love spells to work. Either way, love magic and the process of love spells is one of the most ethnically dividing parts of magic and witchcraft for any witch of all denominations.

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Love magick is ethical when used properly as a subtle and empowering form of magick. Harmful intentions towards others’ free will can never fully materialize at the level the caster is wishing since curses always backfire on the witch. The process of casting love spells can amplify existing love or promote self-love and does not create a love that is not there, like many misconceive. For example, one love spell guides to put a rose under a lover’s pillow, which means the witch already has access to the person’s bedroom, and the love will willingly keep the rose under the pillow at the discretion of the caster. Most love spells that are to make someone love you will create an issue with free will and consent, but realistically there are minimal types of magick that can manipulate such a strong force of nature.

Most practices have karmic guidelines like Wicca has the rule of three, so if some non-consenting love spell is getting cast, more than likely, it will come back three times to the caster. This then creates issues on the self regarding consent until the karmic lesson is rectified. All witches believe in energy force, and when doing a ritual towards the negative, it will always come back onto the one casting. That is why curses have a strong warning against performing in magick, and the misconception love spell can be considered a love curse by trying to manipulate others to love. The witch will more than likely cast love away from themselves on all aspects and not just from the person they are trying to love them by the spells. They also may cast karmic love into their lives where they have failed relationship after failed one until they open themselves up to truly devoted love.

Most love spells acceptably practiced in the current age have been for self-love, bringing true devotion to the practitioner. At the core, Witchcraft is about healing, healing the self, healing generational curses, and casting good intentions into the world. Most of those who cast love spells are not ready for love to be in their lives, so the love spell usually backfires, and they must work even harder to make themselves worthy of love. The person who does not work on their self-love will never fully experience real love. The thinking that a spell will solve all of the love issues that the witch is not willing to work on is the exact reason why the love magick will never work until focused on the self. Love spells for the self seem to be the most effective because if the self is powered up to receive love, a witch is more likely to get the positive devotion they’re looking for in life by focusing all love magick on the self.

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Witches who have already dabbled in the game of love curses or forced love spells should not fret because the caster can minimize the karmic effect to self from the act by being aware. The best tactic for those who have already worked a nonconsent love spell would be to take back the spell cast on someone who has already acknowledged that they are not interested in love since the magic is unethical. An excellent way to undo a spell to make consent appropriate would be unbinding spells. The way to do this would be taking a red string and tying it and untying it while apologizing for the act and taking back any casting. Those who may think somebody may have cast love spells upon them could use protection spells and cleansing spells to ensure their will is protected.

An example of a love spell for self-love is to gather a candle, rose oil, or rosewater, put the love spell below or write your own on a piece of paper, find pink, red, or white ribbon, and put on some romantic music. To perform the spell, light the candle and add a few drops of rose water or oil to the spell paper. At the same time, holding your hand over your heart charka chant the spell written by Sofia Zakia or create one of your own empowered by your own deity choices and imagine yourself surrounded by a glow of red or pink energy filled with love. With the ritual complete, blow out the candle while thinking of how deep you love yourself and how worthy you are of love. Put the spell card under your pillow and go to sleep thinking of the most loving thoughts. The next day roll-up and tie the ribbon around the spell card or poke a hole in the paper and hang the spell somewhere special. Do something special for yourself that day and something you would like, take yourself out on a date, and not be afraid to court yourself like you would a lover.

By the powers within me, I bless this offering.

A symbol of commitment and compassion to myself

Sacred yet infused with my most desired thoughts.

May it take form gentle spirit willing

For Venus,

Within Her season,

May I hold tenderness,


And serenity at this moment, and hold space for me with respect.

I touch my heart and hold in it a space of safety, peace, and acceptance.

And may I embrace who I am


With a beautiful, bleeding heart

My words are my spell, and love is my birthright.

Bless it into being

Practicing self-love is the main love spells every witch should be doing to have healthy and lasting love in their lives. Love magick can be potent when it is focused on the self and is much more likely to bring in the perfect lover who will fit the individual journey. Each witch and being are on their journey so staying away from any spell that plays with free will is the best tactic to keep any negative karma and spell reversal from happening. Baby witches and those who are new to magick are the most vulnerable to this mistake, but they also are not as weak as their magick is so unique, and it should not have as long-term effects as a witch who has been practicing for years. Love magick focused on self-love is a good habit to set early on in a witches practice as it will empower all the magick created since the witch has shown they are the most loved being in their universe.