Elemental Magick

Water Elemental Magic for Witches

water elemental magic

Flowing river. Raging tsunami. Healing ocean. Pouring rain. Even when it appears still, water is always in motion. There’s a reason this element shows up in so many spiritual ceremonies and rituals around the world. Through water, we are healed and born again. After discovering fire, earth, and air, water elemental magic is the final piece of our Energetics of Elemental Magick series. 

Water elemental magic for witches

Energy: Yin

Stones: AquamarineAmethyst 

GoddessesYemoya, Aphrodite, Venus, Oshun

Gods: Poseidon, Neptune, Lord Varuna

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

Direction: West

Tarot suit: Cups

In a bath, water can be a soothing source of relaxation. In a tsunami, it’s a powerful force of destruction. Even small drops of water can carve out a cave over the millennia. Water is an element we come into contact with every day, so it’s important to learn how to harness its power. 

Its feminine energy flows through our veins, making up 60% of our entire bodies. We bathe in it. We drink it. And when we want to relax or exercise, we swim in it. Join us as we dive into the depths of the West to explore water elemental magic and the emotional realm. 

Why is water so important for healing?

As the old saying goes, we must feel to heal. That’s exactly what this element urges us to do. If you are in need of healing (and who isn’t in need of healing?), connect with the element water. 

Whenever we submerge ourselves in water, it is there to support us effortlessly. Imagine for a moment that you are resting in the Ocean Mother’s embrace. While you’re there, release what is no longer needed. Any tears of grief or relief are absorbed back into the ocean, leaving you feeling content and whole as you rest and rock in her comforting waves.

waves - water elemental magick for witchesNothing can compare to the oppressive heat and humidity of a summer day. Tensions rise, and emotions are on edge. But after a few raindrops, the warmth and humidity dissipate, leaving you feeling cool and refreshed. Like a rainstorm on a summer day, sometimes the water comes unexpectedly to help us clear, purify, and wash away our fears. No matter when or how the water shows up, it always carries the reminder to hold ourselves in loving compassion.

Through this element, we access the unseen and come into a mystical state of being. It is deeply connected to the moon, our intuition, and the heart center.

Yin and Yang expressions of water 

In the Yin expression of water, we wade in our compassion and empathy. There, we can feel our deepest feelings and make room to express them in a manner that feels authentic. We enter the mystery and hold the key to ancient secrets. It is through the portal of the ecstatic heart that we explore the depths of our humanity and divinity.

In the Yang expression, we have the ability to hold deep space for others with penetrative presence and intense soul connection. We have the ability to see the unseen and anchor in Source consciousness. There is no fear in traversing the subconscious realm and accessing the depths of our emotions.

Invoke the healing power of water 

Water elemental magicCalling upon water, we access our vulnerability and tenderness. This element is intimately tied to our blessed hearts in all of our sensitivities. It is anything but weak. Water is the element we invoke when we need to connect to our deepest purpose and when we wish to preserve what we hold sacred.

To tap into the energy of water, always make space to feel your emotions. You cannot run and hide from them, or they will subconsciously control you. Give them room to arise without judgment. You hold lifetimes of pain, rage, and grief in your body. To avoid an explosion of pent-up energy, you must let it all out from time to time. Water can help you release negative emotions in a safe manner. 

5 ways to experience water elemental magic every day

Are you ready to experience water elemental magic for yourself? Here are a few ways that you can practically add water rituals into your daily routine:

  • Drink it! You can charge your water under the full moon or simply whisper your intentions over your glass before you take a sip.
  • Spend time near the ocean, lakes, rivers, or other bodies of water. If you don’t live near any large body of water, you can always look at pictures or travel to them in your mind’s eye. Send gratitude to these places for their healing properties and ask them for their guidance and wisdom so you can come into greater healing and wholeness.
  • Throw a tantrum, sob, and let your emotions out! Rebel when society tells you to keep your emotions inside and let your feelings take center stage as you cry or scream into a pillow. After all, water is all about release.
  • Take a ritual bathEpsom salt is a great base to cleanse and purify, and you can add different herbs and essential oils depending on your intention. Take deep breaths and allow yourself to relax, knowing you are held and safe, and your biggest dreams are on their way to being realized.
  • Connect with the cycles of the moon. The moon influences the ocean’s tides and both are reflections of our intuitive, inner world. When you work with the cycles of the moon, you will come to know yourself from the inside out.

Want more ways to connect with the element of water in your Pagan practices?

For more tangible ways to connect with this element, check out the video below:

Water elemental magic is an important part of any witch’s practice. You can use it to cleanse negative feelings and emotions, bring on a much-needed release, or solidify your intentions. When you put the knowledge of how water heals and cleanses together with practical ways to experiment with elemental magick through water, you’ll enjoy all the benefits this element provides. 
Now that you have all the knowledge and tools you need, any interaction with water can be a spiritual one. That next sip of water or relaxing bath will be so much more meaningful. Dive into your witchy wisdom and apply these practices in your life.