Magick Spells

Weed Witch Ritual

The study of weed magick is a new concept to be shared, but witches and weed smokers have been using the plant for centuries to go into trance states of consciousness. Legalizing recreational use of the plant has also made talking about this form of magick less taboo than it would have been in the past, creating a whole new topic for many witches to explore. We have discussed trance states in previous articles, but the difference in a weed ritual is that it is easier to go into a substance and help go into deeper states than start at a sober state.

Any ritual can have weed included in the practice, but the ritual above is an excellent method to figure out what your energy is trying to tell you without you having to work too hard to understand. Trance states are essential for rituals because they allow the deepest parts of magick to come out of the witch and keeps the energy pure and natural.

Witches should only do weed magick in rituals if the witch has practiced without weed and smoked weed before the actual ceremony, as doing a ritual should not be the first time smoking weed for the witch. Weed magick is not something that should be explored by those unfamiliar with ganja, and instead, it just adds to those who already have experience with the substance. If it is something that you have not enjoyed or partake in, make sure you do it safely and smartly the first time and then later on integrating it into the magick. Only the most vital and most experience witchy stoners should practice weed magick since the trance should be worked on by those who have a lot of experience. Those who do not have experience with weed need to work up their tolerance since a high tolerance for marijuana should and is required to practice weed Magick.

I would not want anyone to experiment with marijuana if they were hesitant or those who have tried it before and found out it was not their thing. There are many other ways to go into a trance without having to do with weed. Choosing to smoke weed is a personal choice and should not have been influenced by practicing any magic or listening to others’ advice. It is an entirely personal choice and took very seriously since it is a substance that can cause harm to some.