A Chemical Free Way to Make an Amazing Cup of Coffee

Pure Journi Pour Over Coffee Dripper

20 oz Borosilicate Glass Carafe, Double Walled Reusable Gold Filter


  • UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE! - Our Drip Coffee Maker comes with a reusable premium platinum, gold stainless steel filter. The highest quality of filter available, which means that you can effortlessly make a great cup of coffee. And what this ultimately means is no clogged filters and only a great tasting cup of coffee.

  • STRONG! - The problem with other pour over coffee makers is the thin quality of glass. Our Pour Over Coffee Maker solves that problem! Why? That's because our coffee maker has a thick, premium, high Borosilicate Glass that feels sturdy and performs during coffee making and cleaning. It means our Pour Over Coffee Dripper Glass does not easily break. Never suffer from breaking your carafe on the first use again!

  • BREAKTHROUGH! – There are no plastics or chemicals in our pour-over coffee maker that you may find in all the others. What this means to you is you won't get plastic chemical residue or petroleum in your Drip Coffee Maker which may make you feel sluggish and even damage your health. This means you can use it in your kitchen for years knowing you are getting a great, healthy cup of coffee with every pour. Pourovers are a great way to enjoy your java bean addiction while improving your health!

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! - Because our pour-over brewer has a heat resistant handle and no moving parts, you will be able to pour a great cup of fresh coffee within seconds of finishing your pour. This is great because when you are in a hurry, using a paperless pour-over kettle can even be quicker than a coffeemaker drip machine, and cleans up in minutes because there are no moving parts.

  • A FRESH APPROACH! - Our Pour Over Filterless Coffee Dripper is made from High Borosilicate Glass with a no paper filters, what that means to you is no muddiness that you get from a French press, and that really means you get a smooth, creamy, heavenly tasting brew without a drop of over-steeped bitterness. Just a small effort in ditching paper filters helps to protect the planet.

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