What Is A Modern Witch?

What are the differences between a modern witch and a witch that lived from the 1700s-1800s?

From the 14th to the beginning of the 18th century, the hunt for witches has been rampant, more predominant in Europe. The idea of evil witches and Witchcraft was inspired by heightened male misogyny and sexual fear of women. When women were struggling for independence and suffering oppression, men had reasons to prosecute “witches” to control the improper behavior of women.

As per the defense of the traditional church against the devil and demons, they have compelled people to guard themselves against evil and, more specifically, from those suspected of practicing Witchcraft. Attacking and condemning the accused as witches and bringer of curses became a way for the church to extend its spiritual authority. Unfortunately, sometimes even young children have been tried and executed merely for being associated or related to the alleged witch.

Any event such as illness, cattle death, or futile labor seemed to have become an easy way to turn on poor, unsuspecting, and primarily innocent neighbors, accusing them of Witchcraft as a form of sick revenge or complete mindless superstition. Standard execution methods for those convicted were drowning, burning (usually the preferred method), and hanging. As for those that DID practice, the craft was lucky to be alive if never accused or put on trial – they were usually poor and VERY discreet with their practices. Indeed an unfortunate, dark, and scary time for women, children, and witches alike to be alive.

Pretty big difference from the modern-day witch, isn’t it?

These days, the modern witch basks more on the freedom to express themselves fully and the liberty of practicing their craft in peace. They are not shunned or mercilessly shredded and are now generally accepted in most societies. Long gone is the brutal fire and pitchforks era, along with all the atrocious executions of witches, innocent women, and children. A modern witch now is more authentic than ever, having endless love for nature and all other beings, usually sporting a very simplistic aesthetic while also having a great knack for the arts, crafts, and music. They are traditionally minimalists and live a fundamental lifestyle.

Now, even though there may still be some parts of the world that somehow don’t condone the practice of Witchcraft or witches in general due to religious and sometimes political reasons – as long as you are minding your own business and are not doing any harm to yourself or those around you – people will usually leave you alone. Witchcraft oppression may still run a bit deep thanks to those abhorrent trials made in the name of religion, but as long as we continue spreading love, respect, and positivity, we will surely see a world one day that embraces and realizes this beautiful practice.

Witches from the past faced a different and very tragic experience comparing to the modern witch. Their executioners may have tried to kill Witchcraft itself, but as we can see now, the death of these innocent souls was not in vain as the craft is still very much alive! Much more than ever before and will continue for years and centuries to come!

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