Spiritual Cleansing

What is Cottage Witchcraft & How to Create a Clean Slate

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Anyone who’s tapped into the world of witchcraft knows that there are a lot of paths they can take on their journey to spiritual connection. The trick to picking a path boils down to your core beliefs and interests. For those who love blending herbs and creating tinctures, there’s Green Witchcraft or Herbology. For those who feel a connection to the stars and astrology, there’s Cosmic Witchcraft. And for homebodies like myself, there’s Cottage Witchcraft. Maybe it’s just the Cancer in me, but nothing feels quite as healing and connective as my home space. As I delved into the witchcraft world, I began to notice that most of my practice was connected to my home space, and I was surprised to learn that there was a whole path I could walk—a path that would take me home.

Often mixed with Kitchen Witchcraft, Cottage Witchcraft is focused on the home and the ways you can transform the space into an energetic haven. Rather than one dedicated space as your altar, the entire home becomes a shrine to your internal values and spiritual beliefs. You may resonate with Cottage Witchcraft if you:

  • Consider yourself a “homebody”
  • Would rather socialize within your own home instead of going out
  • Enjoy taking the time to perfectly organize and decorate your home
  • Enjoy cooking home-made meals or baking
  • Feel an emotional and/or spiritual connection to your home

Most of the spells, rituals and crafts are done within Cottage Witchcraft are focused on cleaning, energizing, and healing the home—along with making it a space where others can come to find solace and peace. It doesn’t matter if your space isn’t perfect, or even totally your own. In fact, there are plenty of ways to add magickal elements that appear to be mere decorations, making unsuspecting roommates or house guests none the wiser. A Cottage Witch’s home can be as flamboyantly witchy or as subtly supernatural as they want. It’s all up to the witch.

To begin, it’s important to create a clean energetic slate when beginning Cottage Witchcraft. Homes contain massive amounts of residual energy left over not only by house guests but also by previous tenants. You could be the first person in decades to give the place a good energetic cleansing, and by removing any energetic ties the home may have, you can begin your craft without any unwanted interference.

In preparation for the cleanse, you’ll want to make a simple cleansing spray you can use during the ceremony. You’ll need to gather the following ingredients for your spray:

  • Sage leaves for cleansing
  • Lavender buds for healing
  • Rosemary sprigs to increase psychic abilities
  • Cinnamon sticks for prosperity
  • Salt for purity and protection
  • One spray bottle

Once your ingredients have been gathered, pick a spot in the home where you can make and enchant the bottle undisturbed. Before you begin, make sure to ground and cast a circle in whatever fashion best fits your practice. Once a circle has been cast, drop into a meditative space. Feel yourself connect to the energy of the home. This may be uncomfortable if the home has experienced a substantial amount of conflict or negative energy, but remember that the circle you cast will keep you protected. Feel yourself ground into the home, imagining your root chakra expanding out in the floorboards, and extending through the walls and ceilings of every room. Send your love and light to the home through this connection, and hold the meditation for as long as you feel necessary. Take some time to thank the home for housing all the tenants and guests who have come before you, and invite the home to take one last breath with you as you both release any residual energy. Once you feel that a solid connection has been made between you and the home, bring your attention back to the room that you’re in.

Now that you and the home have opened up communication with one another, it’s time to create your cleansing spray! Gather your ingredients and slowly add them to the bottle, taking the time to give gratitude to each ingredient and embody their elements beforehand. As you add each ingredient, say the following mantra:

“Sage leaves for cleansing, lavender for healing, may these elements expand through the floor and the ceiling. I add Cinnamon for prosperity and Salt for protection, with two sprigs of Rosemary for psychic expansion. May these elements fuse and bind to my will, that every window, nook, and cranny may be cleansed and ready to refill. So mote it be.”

Once all items have been added to the bottle and the spell has been cast, it’s time to add the final element—water. Within witchcraft, water is symbolic for cleansing, but clean water is often only found in areas with a constant flow. Your home may relate to a muddied pond or a river that’s been blocked. A buildup can occur that doesn’t allow the water to be picked up and cleansed. It remains dormant and can become infested. During this next step, imagine your home as a pond or river in need of cleaning, and sit in gratitude that you are the person who is now its steward. As you pour the water into the bottle, imagine its cleansing energy infusing with the herbs inside.

Many scientific studies have been done that show that water molecules actually change when you speak to them, and many witches use this method to aid in manifestation. In this next step, you’ll be creating a Sigil out of a phrase you would like to infuse with the water. One example you can use is the phrase, “I cleanse my home of all residual energy and create an energetic clean slate.”

To create the sigil, you’ll write this phrase down on a piece of paper, and then cross out any vowels in the phrase. For the phrase above, you would be left with the letters “c,l,n,s,m,y,h,m”. Then, remove any repeating letters. For the phrase above, that would leave you with “c,l,n,s,m,y,h”. Next, create a symbol using the shape of the letters. Don’t worry about it being pretty, it just needs to be powerful, which you’ll achieve as you build confidence in yourself. You can try a few different arrangements until you find the one that feels right, and once you’ve arrived at your sigil, draw it on the bottle with some kind of permanent marker. Now your cleansing spray is complete and you’re ready to move on to the final stage!

Drop into a meditative state one more time, holding the bottle between both hands. Repeat your mantra several times until you feel that the bottle has been activated. You may feel this psychically through your hands via a tingling sensation, or you may experience a sense of knowing when this is complete. Once this is done, open your eyes, connect back to your space, and close out your circle.

Once the circle has been closed and it’s once again safe to move about the home, go room to room spraying the bottle freely. Make sure to spray any doors, windows, and entryways, and any other high-traffic or high-energy areas. Now that you’ve connected to the home, you should feel drawn to the areas that need it most. Spray the home until you feel that it has been properly cleansed. Once this is done, take some time to simply be in the home. You can either meditate, dance, sing, or do whatever you feel is needed at the time to connect to the space in a mindful way. This will be the first burst of energy you put into the home now that it’s been cleansed. It’s your moment to set the tone and cultivate the energy you desire going forward.

Welcome to your new home, Cottage Witch! Keep this spray on hand and use it frequently over the next few days to solidify the cleansing and remove any stragglers. Remember that Cottage Witchcraft is a partnership between you and the home. As you tend to its energy needs, it will also tend to your own. This is the beginning of a lifelong (or lease-long) partnership, and as you continue to build roots and bond with the home, you’ll be able to expand your practice, deepen your knowledge, and become a powerful practitioner. Blessed be!