What Is Modern Witchcraft?

As we know about the old traditional Witchcraft, it is a religious practice that mainly involves Polytheism, casting magick, performing rituals, and being one with nature. The practitioners are called “witches,” – which can be either male or female. Witchcraft has been around for thousands of years, and although it was and sometimes still is seen as “taboo” or “blasphemous” due to the beliefs from other religions – that is so far from the truth of what it truly is and far from the so-called “devil-worship.” Thankfully, we live in a more accepting and less judgmental time towards things that some of us might not fully understand. It is with this that we look at Modern Witchcraft


To clarify, the belief in the devil is a Christian belief and is part of any other religion. There is the belief in evil, but the devil does not exist in pagan or other witchcraft practices.


Contrary to popular belief, modern Witchcraft promotes self-empowerment and self-care, leading you to a more spiritual path where you can peacefully function with the world and its beings while also being aware of the balance of light and dark. There is no doubt that there is light and dark in this world, just as there is the yin and yang. In any religious belief or custom, the individual always has the free will to choose which path or side they want to move further.


Life is all about balance, and there will be some who fall on a dark and treacherous path and others who follow a light/dark balanced approach. The world needs balance. It is not our place to judge, but it is our place to protect our own when threatened.


Christianity is to Catholics, born-agains, and others; Witchcraft also has many branches, but all roots point back to the Pagan tradition. Wicca – considered part of modern Witchcraft – is one of the most well-known and practiced types of craft in today’s world. It is one of the fastest-growing religions in this era of declining religious beliefs.


Now, if you’re into the magical world of Paganism, I would like to share with you some of the other forms of modern Witchcraft:


Celtic Witchcraft a  Study and Worship of Celtic Deities and Celtic Magick

  • Eclectic Witchcraft – a combination of whatever path suits his/her best, specializes in 2 to 4 different crafts. They usually make their own rules for their choice of practice and rituals.

  • Elemental Witchcraft – honors and practices based on the four natural elements are Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Usually has an altar for each element while casting and performing elemental rituals.

  • Energy Witchcraft – these witches perform their magic internally; their magic is pure energy.

  • Faery witchcraft – Works with nature, specifically faeries, and practices faery magick.

  • Green Witchcraft – these are the woodland witches; earthly individuals protect plants and love to garden; they enjoy sunlight, plants, and collecting rocks; they focus on holistic medicine and are learning healers. They can also be known as herbalists.

  • Hedge Witchcraft lives between two worlds as they easily cross over into the astral realm and do so with ease, working with magical creatures. They are very artistic and creative individuals.

  • Hellenic Witchcraft – Practices and worships mainly Greek gods and goddesses as their deities of choice.

  • Lunar Witchcraft – Works with the moon deity and performs rituals/casts spells based on lunar cycles.

  • Oracle Divination – practices divination tarot, runes, spirit board, crying crystals, and many more. They have several psychic abilities.

  • Shamanism – Works with energies and enters an altered state of consciousness.

  • Spirit Worker – communes the dead spirit of animals and humans; some can even communicate with the spirit of trees, rocks, and human-made items.

  • Traditional Witchcraft – honors and performs the “Old Craft” while also applying it to their modern practices.

  • Star/Cosmic Witchcraft – practices and works with celestial energies of the cosmos – astrology, astronomy, and more.


These are some, but not limited to, the practices that modern Witchcraft focuses on and brings to the world. Some focus on one, while others practice with all. There is always freedom to choose and more than one way to impact the world positively. Those who are fearful of witches and Witchcraft do not fear as they will be some of the most beautiful spirits you will ever encounter in your life.

I was raised a conservative Catholic, but I met more beautiful souls that practice Witchcraft than souls who claim to be Christian and Catholics. Maybe it is a coincidence, but my God and spirit tell me it is not. My God, Jesus and Spirit tell me that these people are genuine and God’s children. Ponder upon this last sentence and truly see for yourself without judgement if my observations are true. I have such a believe in my opinion that I started a film business to prove my case. You can see my work on this here in my docuseries A Series of Witches