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What to Expect from a Visit with a Mystic

When obtaining a Mystic reading for insight into the future, it is essential to remember that it is like a spiritual therapy session. Where the psychological therapy session works on emotional traumas, a Mystic helps work on spiritual traumas. A mystic is also a healer since they help heal the spirit from any past issues and avoid future dangers. A Mystic reading also helps plan for any future events or possible traumas that may arise, allowing the client to prepare for this event and giving them a choice to take action or inaction. There are many different types of readings, and the type of astrological or divination reading depends on the client’s wishes to get from the Mystic and out of life.

Some examples of Pure Journi Mystics’ readings will be an astrological reading to help clients understand the self more thoroughly and motivate them from the planet’s influence. Astrology can tell the past, present, and future, and even Mystics can see past life readings for the individual seeking the reading done through the stars. Understanding astrology helps every individual because a natal chart can tell how someone responds to something in every aspect of their lives. Astrology natal chart readings can tell how a person may react to a friend, lover, partner, boss, or anybody in their life and their interactions may be different for each person. Natal chart readings also help individuals understand other people’s natal charts and how they may clash or be very compatible with them.

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Tarot readings are to get insight into life choices or new changes depending on how the world’s energy reacts to the individual. Tarot is not dependent on the astrology of a being and is more generalized. It is more dependent on the energy they bring with them around the cards or the energy the Mystic feels from the client. Divination tools pick up on the energy around the being and base results on energy instead of personality. That is why they are powerful as here-and-now tools for quick results, whereas astrology takes study and knowledge. Like any divination tool, tarot requires both the reader’s and the Mystics’ intentions to be true since it can tell a lot about somebody’s future. Skeptics will get damaging results as their energy will not be in tune to get proper guidance.

Tips to get the most out of your Mystics reading

You will feel vulnerable. When getting a reading, one should expect to feel vulnerable. Anticipating this feeling is common since the Mystic doing the reading can look into your soul for guidance and clarity. The energy of a person can tell the person you are just from your power. Many people are scared to feel weak, and getting spiritual guidance is not for the weak but for healthy beings who wish to get advice on a higher level. Each client should open themselves up to the new experience of the Mystic, telling them what may be coming up into their life to prepare. The Mystic can also see into the client’s personality where the negatives are and are things to work on, not to take any offense.

Take Notes. Whether it be a natal chart or Tarot reading, the client should take notes or ask for a recording to get the most out of any Mystical reading. Going back into the experience when you’re not in the middle of it helps to get the details that you may have missed the first time. Readings can go by quickly, so being able to go back and watch or look at different discoveries can help the client get the most out of reading. Many also want to take notes for questions later and to be able to look back on specific highlights about the reading to grow from that event. A Mystic reading can also help build mantras and daily habits to help clients feel more secure with themselves and their future.

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Engage in the reading. The client should engage in the Mystic dialog like they are having a conversation with a friend. It is not just a one-sided speech where the Mystic dictates all to and about the client, and they get no input. There needs to be some verbal exchange for getting the most out of reading as well. The questions can be further insight or clarification and even agreement or disagreement with what is said by the Healer. A Mystic is willing to listen to what the client has to say about certain aspects and understand them correctly.

Remain Objective. Another essential requirement for a reading is to make sure that you remain objective. The remaining objective allows the phone message to come across through the reading or the divination tool. If the mind is full of doubt, It will hold back the rest of the reading from being accurate, and this wastes both the client’s money and both the client and Mystics time. Having doubt or negativity in mind will warp the reading and create negative vibes as well, so of course, the answers will be sked. Stay positive and know that everything is being read to the client’s benefit and help with the future.

You will gain clarity and not firm answers. The point of reading is to seek clarity, not answers. Those who seek psychic and Mystic services that do not understand the subtlety magick express may expect to be blown away by answering all their questions. The answers will be vague, or they could completely hit home, but either way, they are helpful in just the right way. The purpose of a reading is to help seek clarity for the client to make their own decisions with life, not to give them all the answers on how to live their life and what exact choices to make.

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The client is the best person to decide on steps to move forward after reading. The client needs to implement the information or ignore the advice. A Mystic can only give guidance and does not know the whole story of what individual aspects are going on in the client’s life. The reading is usually based on one specific part of life and cannot be completely generalized. Even a natal chart reading will show the personality and responses to things and not full future readings. Understanding every part of yourself and your future will take many readings, and there is nothing wrong with getting readings on different aspects of life to understand the situation entirely.

Readings are in cycles, and life is in cycles as well. One reading can tell you a lot about yourself, but other transits and changes in the process of life make it so that the readings only last for so long. People are always growing, so doing readings often helps the cycle of growth and development. Seeing a Mystic is a life-changing experience for any client. Not just those fluent in the magickal arts benefit from the insight a reading provides but every being will benefit from a mystical reading. The guidance given through astrology readings can help them make decisions, understand themselves better, and make the flow of life better.

Liliy De Rose

Liliy De Rose