What Witchcraft Course is Right for You?

Self-learning has its pros and cons. You may always have the option to learn at your own pace, but nothing beats having structured schooling presented to you by a priestess or witch in an academy-like witchcraft course setting.


Being a beginner witch isn't always an easy path to take, especially when you do it alone with no one but "Youtube" or "Google" to guide you. An organized academy is always recommended over Youtube or free sources, as you will get a thorough education, versus bits and pieces that are hard to put together or use in your day-to-day life.


With the overabundance of knowledge about Witchcraft, it is most definitely easy to get lost and get overwhelmed to the point you either decide to give up or get confused. Proceeding forward when this occurs is very difficult to do, and without guidance, a witch can be stuck for days, months, or even years. When you hit this point, you know it is time to get further guidance from someone that can understand our situation and help you proceed forward.


Beginner-friendly courses usually include history and origins of Witchcraft – Practices, and rituals – Deities – Seasons, Holidays & Cycles, and more. The pros of being part of an online course are that you have personal guidance and a sense of community, and a great way to interact with new people and make new friends as you would also be collaborating with fellow witches such as yourself. You have the chance to learn, practice, and grow together with classmates, and who knows – might also create your coven as well by the end.


Witchcraft courses are not only for beginners. Like I have mentioned, there is an overabundance of knowledge about Witchcraft, and it might take us all a few lifetimes to learn EVERYTHING about it. If you are an intermediate witch that somehow got "stuck" or "stagnant" with your journey for wisdom, there are courses that would cater to you as well.


Perhaps you have a few spells or rituals in mind but are unsure how to properly execute them – what are the different types of magick? – daily witch lifestyle – meditation/visualization techniques – path to divination, and more? Whatever it is, many witchcraft websites offer courses that one needs explicitly.


And sometimes, you might think that you don't need it, but come to realize that you do. Remember that everything is connected.


Then, there are the more advanced witches. These are the ones with years of experience and practice of their chosen craft. But they, too, come across their stagnation periods as well. They might have mastered their path to the "T," but that doesn't mean there isn't room for more to learn. There is no rule set in stone that one has only to know one specific type of craft. So, who's to say that you might not learn something new? There will always be some wisdom for someone to pick up, whether beginner or advance.


We always have to keep in mind that we are and always will be students of the Universe. So keep learning and practicing whichever witchcraft course you choose to pursue. The growth and abundance of wisdom you gain from it are worth it!