What You Find Shopping

In A Witchcraft Store

Witchcraft has been around for a long time. It is a global experience; we see it from different places worldwide every period; it looks different and acts differently in diverse environments. There were times that it was rare for you to see or visit an actual witchcraft store. Even now, some countries still prohibit anyone making a business of anything related to the occult, mainly due to opposing solid religious reasons. But thankfully, in this age of digitalization, online stores for witches have grown exponentially, providing you with more materials for your rituals and practices. Sometimes even free worldwide shipping! (Do make sure if your local customs have no problem in shipping and delivering of occult items as rules for each country can vary)

Even though nothing beats the experience of shopping physically – that wonderful scent of wood, incense, and books, the ambient lighting and atmosphere, the physical interaction with the store owner and fellow witches – online witchcraft stores do have their pros and can offer much more than only your usual witchery supplies. Whether you're just beginning your journey to witchcraft or already a seasoned witch, there are many witchcraft stores online providing you what you need in the palm of your hands from the comfort of your own home.

There are various general witchcraft stores and those that cater to a specific practice or craft. Whatever the case may be, you will usually find what you are looking for in most of the witchcraft stores available online!

Items sold range from ingredient supplies, tools, hardcover and eBooks, fashionwear, wooden boxes for storing magical tools, and more such as spell candles and incense.



Most, if not all, stores do not support the use and practice of black Magick because it intends to harm another person, which is a big no-no in the witching world and even in the "normal" world. 


Some stores will have custom-carved candles, which are intricately made with specific symbols depending on the request – these spell candles can enhance your ability to manifest money, love, or a better career.

Witchcraft blog articles – usually free – are also offered and available for viewing, containing valuable information and even simple DIY tutorials.

Some stores also prepare personalized spells and rituals and casting for the client and can even order those that they can perform for themselves if they have enough experience.

Others offer online classes/courses suited for any level – pieces of training like spell-casting, candle-carving, visualization/meditation, how to use divination tools, and even provide guidance on an everyday witch's lifestyle some that which one can learn.

Usually, every store also offers psychic readings/services done by expert and professional readers.

Clothing and handmade jewelry are some other everyday items you will find in witchcraft stores. Whether you like the dark or light aesthetic – there is always something for everyone.

There are:

  • Different types of plants mainly used to brew ritual teas or incense.

  • Crystals or stones invite positive energy and banish negativity.

  • Fresh or dried herbs for consumption or ritual use.

  • Wands for all types of ceremonies

  • Enchanted lotions and perfumes for everyday use.

  • Singing bowls for meditation purposes.

  • There are a collection and a variety of divination tools like tarot cards, runes, pendulums, and more.

Even some sell bones for those that practice bone magic to connect with their familiar spirits/animal allies, for healing and can also be used as another form of divination tool.

Yes, it may seem overwhelming, especially when you start, but know always to feel free to ask questions from the witchcraft store owners themselves to better guide and provide you with precisely what you need.

Word of Caution: Always be aware of what you buy from a witchcraft store to avoid getting the wrong item or spells, especially when you are beginning your journey of becoming a witch. Be patient and take your time when choosing.