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Who is Still Stuck in 2020?

2020 was a volatile year for almost everyone. Many external factors forced us to look at the world differently. At times it was an enormous distraction from focusing on bettering ourselves and growing in spirit and individuals.

Now that we have moved into 2021 and things seem to be shifting from chaos to some time else, it is time to get back to looking at our place in life and becoming focused on leaving behind 2020 to progress into 2021.


The work is simple. Look at your life and examine those parts that have brought toxic energy, negativity, sadness, depression, anxiety, and anything else harmful. Identify those parts. You may not be able to change them just yet, but that part will come.

So, let’s examine some of the big ones. Bad marriage, an abusive relationship, terrible job, bullying, extreme money problems, legal issues, and I am sure there are a few more I left out.

Problems this big do not change overnight and can sometimes be dangerous to do so. But you must first identify them as something you don’t want in your life to take the next steps to remove them.

Accepting these situations with a no-way-out mentality will continue to attract the same outcome. Seek out help and support. Often, when things are at their worst, it is when someone comes into your life that can help you move out of your situation and into a better one.


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Crystal Ravenwolf

The path forward with heavy energy weighing you down is never easy. It takes someone like a trauma specialist to work through your issues, collect the pieces of your soul that were lost throughout your traumatic points in your life, and then your soul pieces are whole again, and you can start to work on moving forward. We will be talking to a witch that does just this for her clients in “A Series of Witches” S01:E02 California. Yet if you want to start now, you can contact Crystal Ravenwolf to get information on her practice and how she can help you.

What Crystal does is somewhat remarkable, as she helps people with extreme trauma such as child abuse, abusive relationships, and other traumas. She takes them from their lowest levels and brings them back to a point where they can start to function in life once again.


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Kristen Nedopak

Now that we covered the heavy stuff, let’s talk about the lighter things in life. What if you are a person who hates your job and wants a new one that aligns with your gifts and interest? Or what about those looking for a new romantic relationship this year who have no idea where to start? Maybe abundance was not in your cards in 2020, and you wanted to change that in 2021?

In a “Series of Witches” S01:E03 Oregon, we will talk to a cosmic witch who can work with you to change all that. In this episode, she did a reading for me that was very personal and was very eye-opening on camera. I won’t spoil it for you, so you will need to watch the episode in March to see what happened during my reading.

For those who are ready to move on now with their lives and want an extremely detailed reading from a witch who I have great respect for, contact Kristen Nedopak and book a Soul Destiny Reading with her https://linktr.ee/nedopak. You will not be disappointed.

That is all I got for you folks this week. Starting next week, our beautiful content writer Lily de Rose will be back from vacation and ready to deliver some Magickal tips, stories, and more for starling and eye-opening witchy wisdom for you starting this Monday.