Who Will Be Having Good Sex in 2021?

Sex is essential in all relationships to keep the magick alive. Even if it is not always physical sex, mental sex or masturbation is very important for all beings to release. The sex forecast for 2021 should be prosperous for most astrological signs since Mars and Venus will be strong this year with no retrogrades in either sign creating harmony all year. Mars and Venus represent the lovers and the epitome of sexual energy. They also will come together in Leo, creating passionate sparks flying through the summer so that many sexual experiences will peak this next summer.

Aries, your 2021 forecast for sex looks promising since this will be a year of intense desires for you, and sex is one of the best ways to get out your aggression. Aries, this will be a new year to meet new people and have new partners if you are single. The fiery passion in your every move should bring on new experiences into your life that will lead to sex you will enjoy very much, Aries. If you are in a relationship, bring the bedroom’s passion out, and your partner will appreciate the spark lit. There is no rest on the horizon for you this year, and it could be one of making sure you take time to rest in the risk of burnout, in and out of the bedroom.

Taurus, this is a year of intense sexual pleasure and perhaps a new relationship in your life. You are ready to experiment this year in the bedroom, and hopefully, if hitched, your partner is ready for your wild side. 2021 will be a new year of explorations and trying all the sexual things you can dream up for the first time. If you are in a relationship, you may choose this year to finally spice up the bedroom life and try kinky new things with your partner. If you are a single Taurus, you will experiment with many partners to find the one that suits your spicy but sensual side. Taurus will have a year of excitement and drama as many planets will be in the sign of Taurus, surrounding the bull with supportive energy. 2021 could have some conflict, but if everything in the relationship gets communicated correctly, it will translate to good makeup sex in that retrospect

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Gemini, your sex life this year will be hindered by sensual debates, and it is best to approach these scenarios with good humor in the relationship. The communication aspect might not lead to much sexual release for you, Gemini. Still, it could help you build a bond with a partner and work on communicating your needs this year. Stress could hold you back this year, Gemini, and could cause you unnecessary trouble in many aspects of your life. 2021 could be a year of more communication than good sex, but if you can keep the balance of your energy, you can keep Harmony in your relationships so that your sex life blossoms. Mars, Venus and Jupiter, and Saturn will help you on this journey, Gemini, making sure you practice good communication.

Cancer will have a year of romantic and attentiveness to their partners, which the reward will be a good sex life. The Jupiter influence will make you very ambitious in your partner’s pleasing, and it will be an excellent time to be in bed with you. Mars and Venus will make sure you are romantic and sensual at the same time, and you have such vitality in the bedroom, it will be hard for your partner to keep up. Cancer will not mind as you will have no problem doing the pleasing in the sheets this year.

Leo will experience a new awakening of their sexual side this year, including new adventures bordering on intense life-altering experiences. Voyeurism and getting out and showing off might be in the cards for Leo this year. The peak in their sign will be when Mars and Venus have a love fest this summer, making Leo’s sexual drive explode off the charts. By the end of the year, they will feel satisfied and focus on different parts of their life besides sex. There may be some tension in their sexual life if their partner does not feel sexy, which will need to be addressed with good communication and listening to others’ needs. Love relationships can be a mixed bag this year so make sure that you take care of yourself to keep your calm in your relationships, Leo.

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Virgo will have a lot to worry about this year for other aspects of their lives, affecting their sexual energy. The beginning of the year is not very promising for Virgo relationships, but it’s excellent for finally living and fulfilling your dreams. A time of life focus may mean sex and relationships may be on the back burner this year. Virgo needs to make sure they still awaken their sexual desires. They will need to focus on mixing it up with something naughty in the bedroom to get their senses stimulated if they’re feeling low this year. It might be a year where Virgo needs to push themselves to feel sexually stimulated, and diving into the kinky side would be a suitable method this year. Find new ways to awaken your sexual drive this year, Virgo, and you will not be disappointed in the results.

Libra may feel very standoffish this year and will not want to engage in much sexual activity. Libra will feel down from the last year of frustration and anxiety, and it will take them a while to warm up to sexual urges in 2021. Use your seduction Libra powers and work hard to make sure your sex life doesn’t suffer while you’re in the sad part of your personality. There could be a lot of love and romance potential this year, and sex may be an afterthought, so take it as slow as you want, Libra, and relish and build something beautiful and your relationships.

Scorpio will have a great year in the sex department, especially if they’re married. 2021 could be the year Scorpios end up building a stable relationship and marriage through sexual and interpersonal activities. They will have the best sex with people they love and those they are open to within the bedroom. Scorpios without a marriage partner might have a hard time committing this year but take it as you can in the fun times without long term commitment stress. Scorpio will enjoy wild sex even if it’s not with a committed partner. Make sure you do what’s in your heart Scorpio and do not make involuntary commitments this year. Just take the sex and be open with telling others that is all you want.

Sagittarius will have profound and passionate sex this year with a method to enjoy the gifts of love without any restrictions. 2021 will be a romantic year for Sagittarius, which is out of their comfort zone to keep things more spiritual. Still, if they embrace this part of themselves and be free, they will feel more in tune with their partner through sexual experiences. The key to Sagittarius having such a good sex year is communication with the partner and making sure that the partner feels as much in the mood as Sagittarius will feel. Try to be pragmatic, Sagittarius, and do not let your passion take you away to the point where it creates conflict with your partner. The Sagittarius partner may want adventurous sex, and they may not feel in the mood, so the Sag may have to get creative with their approach.

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Capricorn may have a drop in libido from October to December, but besides that, the year should be quite sensual and satisfactory. You might even meet someone who awakens new sensations in you, Capricorn. It would be best to express these feelings in sex acts instead of rational plans since the energy is more relationship favoring than anything else. Sex this year may lead to responsibilities like children Capricorn, so if you’re not ready to have that responsibility make sure you take the safety precautions to practice safe sex. Ensure you’re using the essential techniques and sex to relax and take your mind off the more stressful parts of your life. Jupiter and Venus should make this a prosperous year for relationships and make sure you support your partner through sex acts even if you’re not in the mood.

Aquarius could have a very sexually frustrating year, especially if they are in a partnership and do not agree on sex acts and sensual Expressions. It may be a year of love and sex games, which can frustrate you, Aquarius,s because you like to follow your desires and do not like the yield to others, Kinks. If you’re single, you may appreciate your freedom a lot more this year and take advantage of it to live whatever sexual desires you want this year Aquarius. This year could bring about the ending to relationships for Aquarius if they do not feel satisfied. Hopefully, as the year progresses, it will get more comfortable to be in a relationship. Enjoy the sex and try not to let it rule your desires this year, Aquarius, so is it does not start affecting your well-being.

Pisces will have a year of sex that will be some of their hedonistic lives’ best experiences in the bedroom. They will feel the increased passion and even torrid love if they have an uneasy connection with their romantic partner. They enjoy devoting themselves to that one person and exploring all their sexual desires. If there’s any shakiness in that relationship, it may bring out the insecurities and Pisces this year. Pisces has a lesson for 2021 to learn to take care of themselves, and if they’re not satisfied, they need to leave a romantic relationship if the sex is not satisfying. Single Pisces this year will find someone that will set their soul and body on fire in the best way possible for sexual realms. They do need to try not to hurt their partner’s feelings if they break-up. They can make sure that they’re very communicative of their desires, which can be challenging for Pisces, but there’s a lot of help with that from Venus and Jupiter.

2021 will be an excellent year to explore all sexual energy and use sex as a magickal release. 2020 was a year of built anxiety and stress, so it will feel good to focus on pleasure this upcoming year. Sex is an excellent release for all humans. Sex also embraces the Mars and Venus energy this year to enjoy the magick of sex. A magickal charged and fun year is ahead and would be a great year to practice sex magick since passion will be strong, and 2021 will give many opportunities for sex.