Magick Spells

Wiccan Ritual Tool Breakdown and Sources

Wiccan ritual spells are different from simple magick spells as there are many more doctrines and rules involved in Wicca that need including in ritual practice. Wicca also involves a specific set of tools and herbs to do the spells and cannot be left out. The rules and items included requiring some preparation for the need to be planned and not sporadically unless the witch has everything lying around. Wicca is one of those practices that ritual items should be around before a specific spell cast, and this also means the witch must do spells at a particular time when ingredients are available.

Many modern witches like to have the ability to complete spells quickly and have very minimal tools to have a ritual. Wicca is not one of those practices that spell casting is started rapidly and then ended on a whim, and many rituals require large ceremonies in Wicca and specific magick roles within the ritual. Even though it has many tool requirements, it is also an extensive spell-casting practice that can ensure that every magickal aspect is accounted for when casting spells. Wiccans can argue that this makes sure that the magick thoroughly goes out into the world and nothing is left out, creating a more potent spell manifestation.

A starter Wiccan can obtain the tools needed to complete most Wiccan spells from witchcraft suppliers and metaphysical stores, but a lucky witch can find some within thrift stores or second-hand shops. Many magickal-specific tools that use or cast energy should come from a sacred space like crystals and but many of the items can be found objects or items already around the house if the witch is creative.

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The first ritual item a Wiccan needs for a Wicca spellcasting the witches broom. The broom seems like such a common item associated with witches, and many may think that the broom was just something that got fruit in from popular culture of witches riding them. In reality, a broom is an essential tool used to sleep areas to cleanse out energy and also to protect Spaces by leaving one by the door. A Wiccan can buy brooms from any local hardware or even the dollar store, and they can use a standard broom for rituals without getting anything fancy. If the witches get a used broom, make sure that you cleanse it well and do a protection spell on the broom since it will be a tool. Many witches want to get a broom that connects to them and usually something elaborate instead of just a household broom to have even the simplest tool apart of the ritual aesthetic.


The next item needed for Wiccan Spells is the wand. A wand is something that needs to come from a metaphysical or Witch shop. Since wands are a tangible representation of the witches magick, they must come from a pure and reliable source. One of the most vital tools of a witch is the wand and utilized in rituals for thousands of years. The wand is symbolized in Tarot cards and represents fire and spring energy, so including a wand in the ceremony brings this energy balance. The directional South is associated with the wand, and the South’s rulers need invoking in all rituals for Wiccans. Wands traditionally made of wood have magickal properties that can absorb power easily. Each wand wood had specific magickal properties, and wands started to become sought after made from crystal. Many crystal witches prefer a crystal wand made out of their favorite stone. Whatever wand calls to your witchy side is fine, and you may have multiple wands of wood and crystal. Each wand has its strengths and magickal properties used for many different ritual processes.


The censor is an incense burner, and many may know them as the swinging incense burners priests seen waving in the Catholic churches. Any incense holder can substitute for a censor as long as the holder can fit into the hand to freely move around the witch and surround the ritual in smoke. An item sage can be put out or contained in it can work to cleanse the ritual and form protection with the smoke. Anything encompasses smoke while moving the smoke around safely. Smoke in a ritual and spell is vital as it puts an aura around the Witch and is tangible Magic. Outdoor fires can be a good substitute if the ceremony is outside to invoke smoke magick.


Cauldrons are used a lot in Wicca, and this is one of the parts that modern culture does get correct about how vital a cauldron is to a Wiccan or a witch. Cauldrons are the focal point of a Wiccan witch ritual, and many witches do not feel complete without a cauldron. During the Spring rituals, they are filled with fresh water and flowers to represent abundant fertile energy. During winter, the cauldron may have a fire kindling to represent the sun’s light is returning to earth and to make a homage to the deities. The fire represents the Sun, the male God, and The Cauldron representing the Goddess, the female deity. The cauldron is another item that needs purchasing through a magick shop or magickal location. Cauldrons should be of iron and made with strong magick by craftsmanship who knows how to make a quality ritual item. A witch should never start a fire in anything that is not entirely fireproof, like plastic or other melting materials. The cauldron is also useful for scrying, and a witches cauldron can be one of their favorite tools once acquired.


The athame or the magick knife is another required tool in Wicca practice since, in the ritual, the blade is apart of many spellcasting purposes. The athame cuts energy, and the witch can use the blade for protection or cleansing and cut a door into a protection circle. The magick knife is usually double-edged and dull on both sides. The athame often has a black handle to absorb energy to be used from getting into the witch, but breaking can be called on later on from the witch to be able to use later. The ritual knife can engender magical symbols and absorb energy, so it often needs to be cleansed. A sword sometimes used in Wicca is athame place but is hard to use inside for ritual. Knives and swords are both of Air elements in magick, and the tarot decks also represent the East direction. The nature of a knife also links it with the horned God or the male deity as it is one of the phallic symbols in ritual magick.

White Handle Knife

Sometimes called a bolline is a working knife that the witch can use while cutting up spell ingredients and inscribing symbols on the candles. Where is the athame is a ritual knife, the bolline is the everything else knife. It is usually a white handle to distinguish it from the athame, but it can also be white to represent the Witch’s openness to have magick flow out of the self and into the spell ritual. White is an energy-absorbing color, so for it to be on the knife used for spell preparing helps the intention flow between tool and witch.

Crystal Sphere or Scrying Mirror

The crystal sphere and scrying mirror are some of the most ancient magickal tools for fortune-telling or to see the future in ritual magick. The seeing object can be made from crystals like quartz or other clear-type crystals or made from dark crystals like obsidian. Scrying or vision seeing is done on glass or anything reflected upon like water in a bowl. Gazing into the seeing object can help channel psychic abilities, and images may be projected in the seeing item even if not working on scrying. The crystal or seeing object may also receive messages from the gods and goddesses or see past life messages. A vision object is a magickal item that should be taken extreme care of and should always be covered up when not used.

Cup or Chalice

The cup or chalice is a ritual item used for water representation in the ritual and invokes the goddess and fertility. It can have water in the cup to drink during the ritual and symbolize the water aspect or have ritual beverage inside it to help with casting. The cup works if created by any substance like metal porcelain, alabaster, crystal, or just a regular cup. Still, many witches like to have a pretty one on the altar since it serves more to bring water and the western element to the ritual while also being aesthetically pleasing.


The pentacle is another essential item for the Wiccan as it represents their most cherished symbol of magick and witchcraft. The pentacle is usually a flat piece of metal or wood. It could be made with any magickal element but mainly natural. The item will have the five-pointed star, the pentagram etched upon it with a circle around it, making it the witches pentacle. For centuries the pentacle is a symbol used in magick that began in ceremonial magick with the Golden Dawn as an ancient symbol of protection and evoking spirits. The pentacle represents Earth and the North directional element. The pentacle is usually etched upon many Wiccan items, including knives and charms, necklaces, and even clothing that has pentacles on them. The pentacles can also hang over doors and windows, actively ward off bad energy in the witches home or coven. Pentacles are the ultimate symbol of Wiccanism and being a witch, and the five points represent the elements in nature, air, water, fire, earth, and spirit.

Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is always included in ritual magic as it is the encompassment of spells and rituals that got the witches done. This is different from a book of mirrors, whereas a book of mirrors can be written after the ceremony to document the effects of the witch’s spell or progress. The Book of Shadows is a workbook that contains evocations. Rituals pattern spells rooms, and anything that the wicked will need to work a spell a ritual. Some Book of Shadows is passed down from one which to another, but they’re usually in modern times very personal items that the witch treated like a diary of magick. Some Book of Shadows is used for covens where it has all the coven rituals and is somewhat of a community book. Many witches have the digital Book of Shadows, but many Belle should be handwritten, especially the most important ones where the Book of Shadows comes as a necessity.


The bell in a ritual is a throwback to the ages of ancient antiquity. The Wiccan ritual bell is a feminine symbol and has been often used to invoke the goddess in the ceremony. The Bell has been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits, stop storms, or even welcome good energies. Those are often ring in rituals to symbolize beginnings and endings or even in different periods of the ceremony. Ritual bells have fallen out of fashion for many Wiccans and are optional, but it is an excellent tool to make time and make sure the ritual steps are being completed.

The most critical Wiccan tool is the Book of Shadows since it encompasses all the spell work, and many witches need only their Book of Shadows and their energy to cast spells. Wiccanism and modern witchcraft’s difference is that Wiccans feel their power is more robust when having tools part of the ritual. It is up to the practitioner. Some enjoy the Wicca spell casting method with all of the ritual tools included in the ceremony without calling themselves a Wiccan. The best source to determine if a tool will fit in a ritual is to research each item mentioned above and see if it is a useful item for the individual’s ritual practice. An item may connect with a witch more than others, and they might be surprised what things they do need in the ritual. A witch needs to clean their tools often and include the cleansing in Moon rituals or Sabbat cleanses. The only issue with working with tools is that excess energy could be harbored in the items if not cleansed frequently, and this energy could counteract other power. Hence, witches need to be careful to cleanse before essential rituals.

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