What to Expect from Witchcraft Courses at Pure Journi

Learning online courses is often similar to learning face-to-face in a usually typical class setting. The main difference is that you are doing your studies in the comfort of your own home while still getting a valuable education.


At Pure Journi’s Academy of Witchcraft and Mysticism, online witchcraft courses are offered and designed to cater to and fit any witchcraft student’s need no matter where they are in this world, and their level is currently on their journey for knowledge.


What you can expect from getting witchcraft courses here at Pure Journi’s Academy of Witchcraft and Mysticism:


Structured Modules

Expect to be provided with organized and comprehensive modules of each topic/course with easy-to-understand objectives and goals.


Detailed Video Training

Every topic/module has video training included by expert and recognized witches/priestesses who have decades of hands-on experience and knowledge of the craft.


Monthly Content

High-quality monthly content delivered to students that comprise extra information about their chosen witchcraft course along with valuable tips and tricks.


Quizzes and Assessment

Some courses will have quizzes and assignments available to students. Quizzes help determine if a module is to be relearned or successfully move forward to the next topic. Assignments have scheduled submission dates, and this lets the students practice and memorize whatever they have learned and assess their level of understanding of the chosen topic.


Use What You Learn In Your Day to Day Life

Learning witchcraft courses does not only involve much reading. But much practicing as well! The content included in these courses is also designed to allow students to apply and implement whatever they have learned into their own daily lives.


Certification Witchcraft Courses

Many of our Witchcraft Courses come with certification from a Priestess. These courses build on each other. To move to the next level of magick, a student of witchcraft must first demonstrate their ability to absorb the information and perform in a virtual setting to their priestess. The student will receive formal certification.


At times we get stuck and find it hard to figure out what direction to go in life or with our craft. This is why we created The Academy of Witchcraft and Mysticism. Our courses give students a fresh new look at their craft, and their purpose in life. Many of our courses will teach you how to help others with your craft, opening doors to so many different opportunities.

So, if you are feeling stuck on your witchcraft journey or would like to acquire more knowledge to further your existing practice, I highly suggest that you take up witchcraft courses to provide you with the utmost guidance you need and rightfully deserve. It is never too late to learn something new and that includes witchcraft.

Understanding and seeking wisdom is never and will never be a waste of time. It also gives you the ability to share whatever you have learned and make a difference to someone else who is on the same path as you!


“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” --Anais Nin


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