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Witches, Come Gather Around and Dance

Dance is one of the most potent rituals for all beings to connect with their most primal nature as it grounds the human energy and expands the natural magick. A watch can dance without having a toolbox of witchy items or having to do a lot of planning. Ritual dance can connect a witch to the universe flowing the source energy into their power banks as many cultures have used dance as a form of worship and celebration for many millenniums. Dance has connected cultures and people throughout every situation, whether it is love or war, happiness or sadness. Some cultures even dance to celebrate the life of someone after they pass away. Therefore dancing to celebrate death is a foreign concept to most western cultures that are fearful of death.

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Dance is one of the most vital connections to the source and our humanity. It makes sense it would be such a powerful magical ritual for witchcraft. Dance is one of the most ancient ritual practices of all beings, and the physical body releases energy while the being dances invoking power. This energy that dance channels are the same energy used in magick spells and rituals. The movement aspect of magick is one of the most crucial ways to invoke the spirit and charge up magickal tools, second only to an orgasm. Dance alters consciousness or honors the gods and goddesses with ritual performance.

Group dances such as the spiral dance, a dance where witches hold hands and move in a line to music, have been performed in covens as rituals in modern times to invoke the ancient energy of tribal culture who spent many hours in daily life dancing around a fire. Sadly, many dances have fallen out of ritual practice, and many covens have let this part of magic die. The best part about ritual dance is not regulated, or there are no rules to it, and it is just free-flowing, and anyone can do the ritual. Since the movement is so freeing, each witches magic will be expressed in the movement and dance differently since each power through a being is different.

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The ritual dance is paired with an actual magickal ritual to get the maximum effect of the energy and power the dance creates. These rituals can be scrying, sigil creation inscribing ruins, tying knots, drawing pictures in the sand or on paper, chanting deity’s names, and any other spell works tandem with the ritual dance. When this spellwork is with the dance ritual movement, the energy is supercharged the spell with the energy created.

Dance rituals have been done around fires or in circles for centuries. Usually, to invoke spells, the dance will start slowly clockwise and then increasingly get faster, circling the fire or the altar. All the dancers should be feeling the music and make sure they’re staying in the moment while they’re dancing to get the best results. If the coven hopes to break a bind or send out energy, the movement is counterclockwise in the circle. The goal is to dance until it becomes a meditation, or when the dancers feel like they cannot dance anymore, that is when the real magic is released. The witch dancers fall to the ground after the energy has been exhausted. Their energy and magick are drained and sent out into the universe.

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Dancing is the best connection a coven can create in a bonded magickal experience to connect all the witches power at once. Covens have also used dance to communicate with the deities and their ancestors. Dance has been practiced and can be by different generations and by all humans, young old, and all sexes. Dance is the closest to nature that can get since it is the natural flow of a human body, just like nature’s natural flow. Dancing is an ultimate meditation and celebrated by all witches.

I have experienced a ritual awakening through ritual dance, and being a part of my coven of dance sisters has unleashed my powerful side. The dance has awoken my dormant Witch and make my powers more vital than they have been for most of my life. Dance worked to help me embrace my sensual side and have activated my magick, but I have also witnessed this with my coven members.

Dance connects us to our bodies and, in turn, to our magick source and feeling comfortable unleashing the power. The new movement in witchcraft will integrate dance much more as our ancestors have done, and many covens should look to incorporate dance again. I have experienced unique sensual dance has done to help my power, and I have written many articles exploring this invocation of my passion. Having a coven supporting you and supporting your all-body movement is very important as a witch and increases power tenfold. All beings can dance, man, and it should be embraced by all who should never be ashamed to dance in front of their coven. When the coven’s Embrace dance, they will find that their members have much more free-flowing energy and channel their power more potent.