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Teach the World Your Witchcraft

I’ve had quite a few witches reach out to me for advice on how to get into teaching and writing about witchcraft experiences. Since it is a complex subject, I thought I would give some tips to write on something abstract as witchcraft. This article arose from my personal experience of making something magnificent and abstract like witchcraft into the tangible format of writing to share with others. I have now posted over 60 articles, and I feel it has helped me amass a catalog of my particular form of magick. It can be hard to put something intangible like magick into a tangible form like writing or teaching, but these tips should help.

Most witches have knowledge that can be shared and translated into teaching others, but many do not know how valuable their gifts are until they can put them into a manageable form. Teaching witchcraft has been done for centuries but mainly done in secret circles and dark halls. The modern witch has the internet and can search any form of witchcraft they want, and some subjects are severely lacking. Getting more witches into writing and teaching helps increase the craft’s public knowledge enabling it to be accessed by future generations of witches.

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Not having organizational skills in writing and editing can make the process challenging and even more when trying to teach. Many witches cannot easily define the magickal arts since it is a strict format of reason and logic. Being strong in mysticism makes me feel lucky to have an earth sign as my sun and rising sign. Hence, I have strong organizational skills and practicality. Then a Pisces moon ensures that I have both the tangible and intangibility in my blood. I also have a lot of Gemini in my chart to communicate well. Hence, writing is a perfect storm for me to understand the organizational parts of magic and mysticism and share them generously. Teaching is also about the subject’s organization, and having a plan for what, when, and how you will teach your magick form to other witches will be best even if the teaching becomes informal.

Many witches have a hard time communicating their magick. Therefore they have a hard time sharing their knowledge which is a travesty as many magickal aspects are missing parts on a larger learning scale. More magickal beings should share their form of magick since there are so many different elements and types to explore, so every witch has a place. If more witches could share their knowledge, it would help the world get more magick to explore, and people could learn witchcraft on a larger scale. Here are a few quick tips on organizing your magic and sharing your knowledge with the world from a mystical earth sign.

Tip # 1 Don’t Be Afraid to Put Magick into Words

The most common complaint I see from many witches is that it’s hard for them to put their magick into words. Something so abstract as witchcraft seems complicated to communicate. In reality, it is all about talking about how you feel about the magick and what it does for you, not so much conveying every detail. Focus on the few items you are very familiar with in a specific ritual and practice, and try to think of the best way to explain to someone how you would learn.

Tip # 2 Write, Write and Write

The best advice is to write as much as possible and try to get out as many thoughts and ideas you have about your craft until you cannot write anymore. Sometimes you have to get it all out and then make sense of it later, and this is the same way with writing about witchcraft or magickal arts. You’d be surprised how much you know about a subject once you start trying to verbalize it all or write it down. Writing is the best way to get a plan to teach as you will get the most important ideas out and then plan the teaching plan based on what needs expressing.

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Tip # 3 Use Your Technology

I recommend using many forms of technology to get the writing complete, and this includes programs like voice to chat, memos, or notes. These methods help me get my ideas out without having to type it all, which can be hard when the ideas come at once. I also use Grammarly, which helps keep my grammar and communication in line, so I sound as clear as possible. Using any form of technology that allows writing or organizing teaching plans makes the logical side much easier to focus on witchcraft’s abstract art.

Tip # 4 Focus On One Part of Your Craft at a Time

There are so many different aspects of Witchcraft that people are involved with, and it can be daunting trying to find one part to write about in magick. It is best to focus on smaller areas and share as much knowledge about that aspect as you may know. Try to pick one of your favorite magick pieces to write about first, which will help you also explore how much you enjoy that craft and your favorite parts. Writing about something you love also helps you get your voice because you can convey what you think about that particular magick area with your own opinion.

Tip # 5 Be Confident in Your Knowledge

If you have something to teach the world, let it show! The best way to write is to be confident about your magick and what you’re trying to express and teach other witches. It also helps to learn more about your craft to fill in the holes of things you might not know after writing about a bit and then seeing what is missing. Being confident enables you to get a more rounded aspect of your magick, learning all you can about the area you’re already interested in with prior knowledge. Being confident will also show how much love you have for the subject and intrigue others to learn more.

Teaching and writing about witchy things can be enjoyable, but it also can seem very daunting if not approached correctly. It is hard to teach and write about something that can be so vast and intangible or hard to put into words. It is best to look into what you’re passionate about and try to write about that first and then worry about the intricate details later. Feel confident in your knowledge since the world needs your magick to be shared with all those who could benefit from your magick’s personal touch.