Dark Goddesses

Working with the Goddess Macha

Macha is the goddess of the earth. Her animal form is the horse or crow. She can appear to you as a beautiful and powerful red mare or screeching from the clouds as she brings death and destruction as a crow. She is free, wild, and full of power and energy.

Macha, her name means “plain”, or “field” and her connection is to the land and its abundance. In the form of a horse, she goddess of fertile abundance. In the form of a crow she the bringer of death.

She has the ability to return from the dead and also has the gift of prophecy. In battle, she brings death and destruction. But in rebirth, she is considered to be the goddess of the sun. The rays of the sun bring new life, energy, fertility, and hence is part of who she is to her land and her people.

How to Call Upon Macha. What Can She Help You With?

Just like her sister Morrigan, Macha is a goddess that can help you in difficult times. When you need the energy to conquer a difficult task, then call on her warrior queen aspects. If you are low on energy and find that you are unable to move forward, then stand out in the sunlight and allow Macha’s sun rays to fill your reservoir with energy and strength.

For those who have suffered abuse or going through a tough situation, Macha is the goddess of justice. Meditate with her to bring justice to those who have done you wrong.

She is also a prophecy goddess. If you are doing the work of divination, then Macha can be a strong ally in achieving your goals. Let her show you what a future outcome will bring.

How to Welcome and Honor Macha

Her totem animal is the horse, so having a statue of a horse around you or on an altar is important. If you want to offer a drink, then dark ale is an excellent choice. Perhaps a stout or Guinness would suffice. Finally, a little grain such as oats would be appropriate.

Macha’s Characteristics

To work with Macha, you need to know a little about her characteristics, what she likes, and what are the best times of the day and year to work with her. This is not to say you can’t work with her every day, but from historical aspects, there are certain times where she seems to be the most responsive and at those times we should honor her and celebrate her gifts.

  • Colors: dark red or deep dark brown
  • Herbs: oats, coltsfoot, or vervain
  • Stones and Crystals: garnet, clear quartz, or citrine
  • Moon phases: full moon, waxing moon
  • Sun phases: midday, summer, harvest festivals
  • Animal totem: the horse or the crow.

Speaking to Macha

Working with Macha is simple, as you don’t need to cast a circle. Yet if you feel more comfortable with this aspect of Magick, then please go ahead with first casing a circle before starting.

  • Light a candle of both red and dark earthy colors.
  • Start your meditation and call upon her. Ask for help or work with her during divination to help with prophecy.

No matter your struggle, Macha is a good ally to have on your side. Her energy is not subtle and you may not be ready for her at first, but continue working with her and you will find a common ground that will be beneficial for your growth and confidence in life.